Outdoor Preschool Activities

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With spring here that means we’re heading outdoors a lot more and loving it. What can you do outside that can occupy those preschoolers. Well, it’s a great place to make a mess because you don’t have to worry so much about cleaning it up. And with preschool activities, the messier the better. We were just outside this weekend so my daughter could write on the front steps with her chalk. Unfortunately, it rained the next day and destroyed her creations but she knows we can get back to it once it stops raining.Get outside to enjoy the sunshine with these outdoor preschool activities your kids will love. See what these wonderful bloggers have come up with to keep those little ones busy. A Colorful Outdoor Game for Preschoolers to Play – Teach Preschool Preschoolers can practice their colors while running their energy out during this fun outdoor game. DIY Outdoor Fort – Preschool Powol Packets Who says a fort can only be made indoors? Grab your blankets and take them outside to create a fun outdoor fort to play in. Backyard Design: DIY Outdoor Sound Wall/Music Station – Fun at Home with Kids Hang some everyday items you find around your home outside on a wall and see what kind of music you can make with it! Rock Painting with 3-Ingredients – Fun Outdoor Art for Preschoolers – Happy Hooligans Make some 3-ingredient sidewalk paint and take it out to decorate as many rocks as you can with it. Outdoor Number Line Activity – No Time for Flashcards Learn about number lines using sidewalk chalk outdoors. Gross Motor Activity (Hula Hoop Games) – Learn Play Imagine Give those hula hoops a new purpose with some of these fun games you can play outdoors. Outdoor Fall Parachute Play in Preschool – Teach Preschool If you have one of these parachutes, you can have some fun outside this fall in the leaves and play this fun game. Kids Graph Printable for Outdoor Learning – B-Inspired Mama Print this free graphing printable and take it outdoors to practice graphing and coloring with simple outdoor objects. Alphabet Ball Learning Game for Preschoolers – Hands on as we Grow This fun outdoor game will help your preschooler practice learning the alphabet and beginner sounds. Outdoor Sounds of Winter – Bells Science Activity & Craft – Things to Share and Remember Fill some glasses up with different amounts of water, and see what kind of bell sounds you can make. Can you make a song? Painting on a Mirror: Outdoor Art Activity – Kids Activities Blog Get creative with a new canvas – grab your paints and a mirror and go outside to create some new and unique art. Explore Textures on an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – Hands on as we Grow From prickly objects to fuzzy objects, explore the many textures the great outdoors have to offer on a nature scavenger hunt. Sidewalk Chalk – 4 Letter Activities – No Time for Flashcards Grab some chalk and head outdoors for action and fun as you practice letters and their sounds with your preschooler. Play fun games like find the letter, letter action words, walk and spell, and more. Bucket and Rope Contraption for Backyard Play – Happy Hooligans Learn about pulley systems by building a bucket contraption in your own back yard. This will supply your preschooler with countless hours of fun.

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  1. One of the reasons I love Spring – more time exploring outdoors with the kids! Thanks for linking to our Outdoor Learning Graph Printable!

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