Geometric Shape Fun on the Light Table

We are excited to be sharing with you the geometric shape fun on the light table that we had this month. My children and I have been loving our light table. We cannot recommend it enough. We have been doing so much with it for many of our hands-on activities. It would take dozens of blog posts to share it all. Let us tell you what we did this time around. It was fantastic. We are excited to be sharing with you the geometric shape fun on the light table that we had this month. It was fascinating to watch them learn.

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Geometric Shape Fun on the Light Table

First, I surprised my little ones with a super fun set of colorful see-through geometric shapes. Oh, you should’ve seen their faces! They were hardly letting me get them out of the container, that I just handed it to them and let them have at it. The next thing I knew, they were exploring and analyzing every single shape and color. Children are simply amazing to me. They discussed colors, shape sizes and they were fascinated at how these see-through giant beads fit on the tips of their fingers. They wiggled their fingers and went “tap, tap, tap” on the light table. My oldest even pretended to play the piano on the light table with the giant beads on their fingertips. They also had fun with the color-mixing paddles. 2

Provocation and Free Play

I had several lesson plans listed in my head. I thought of activities to do and lessons to teach them with the colorful see-through geometric shapes on the light table. But for today, it seems that the thing for me to do was to just sit back and let them “do their thing.” After all, like someone famous once said, “play is the most important work,” right? But you know what the most awesome and fascinating thing was? On their own, they started to discuss different things that they observed about the shapes. They even showed me, without me saying a word, that they already knew what I wanted to teach them in my mental lessons! My youngest noticed that there were different colors, so she had the idea to sort the shapes by color. 3

Learning the Fun Way

I was fascinated by how much my oldest was teaching my youngest. They began mixing colors and putting colors together to make new ones. I enjoyed watching them hold different shapes on their hands and using their hands as giant human scales to discuss weight and density. Why are the giant beads heavier than the see-through geometric shapes? Why is the yellow hexagon heavier than the green triangle? These were some of the questions they would ask and respond themselves. I want to invite you to surprise your little ones with hands-on activities like these and just sit back to observe. Children are amazing. Enjoy and bask in their sense of wonder. 4 Thank you for reading our Geometric Shape Fun on the Light Table post! I’d love to invite you to read some beautiful posts with activities that my children have loved:

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