New Year Worksheets for Preschool

Need an activity to do with your preschooler this New Years? My printable New Year Worksheets for Preschool is the perfect activity.

For more ideas on making your New Year celebration fun, check out my list of New Year Activities for Kids!

The pages are packed with fun and interactive activities that will engage your child, helping them learn about counting, colors, matching, and more.

New Year Worksheets for Preschool

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Fun Activities to Kickstart the New Year

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New Year Activities for Preschool

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New Year Worksheets for Preschool

New Year Worksheets Supplies

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New Year Worksheets for Preschool

What’s included in the New Year Worksheets for Preschool?

Find My Shadow

This page is designed to enhance children’s visual skills. It provides a fun activity where children will draw a line from the object to the correct shadow. Through this, they will develop their attention to detail and learn to differentiate between shapes and sizes.

It also encourages hand-eye coordination, an essential skill in writing and drawing.

Find The Other Half

This engaging activity will challenge them to use their visual perception to connect each picture with its other half. It allows preschoolers to practice their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

By doing so, they will develop spatial awareness, recognize patterns and shapes, and identify similarities and differences. These skills are crucial for children as they continue to grow and learn.

New Year Worksheets for Preschool

New Year Tracing Lines

This page is an excellent way to help young children refine their fine motor skills. Preschoolers can use their fingers or a pencil to trace their way to the fireworks display.

This activity helps coordination and improves grip control, which is essential for writing.

Children will also have fun as they encounter different shapes and curves, leading to better concentration and an increased attention span.

Which One is Different?

Kids will have a chance to stimulate their visual discrimination skills by doing this activity. They will identify the picture that is different from the group and color it.

It encourages children to be observant, make comparisons, and identify similarities and differences.

New Year Coloring Pages

This activity is an excellent way to combine learning and creativity. Children will love coloring and tracing the pictures while practicing their reading and writing skills.

Coloring helps children strengthen their hand muscles, develop hand-eye coordination, and enhance their creativity. Tracing also helps with penmanship and provides an ideal activity for kids who are still learning the alphabet.

By practicing this activity, children are sure to develop a lifelong love of learning.

New Year Worksheets for Preschool

With these printable New Year Worksheets for Preschool, celebrate this winter season with fun-filled activities by engaging your preschoolers in new and amusing activities.

These activities will help your children learn, grow, and bring joy to their faces. So, make your festivities unforgettable and ensure your children’s learning and development never stop.

Download the New Year Worksheets for Preschool below

Print out these new years pages to keep your preschooler busy this new years eve.

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