Human Body Organs Printable Coloring Pages

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Check out these fun Human Body Organs Printable Coloring Pages. The kids will love being creative and trying these out! 

Want a fun way to learn about the human body? Make it a hands-on activity so that your kids can really see where those organs should be in their bodies. I taught the human body in our homeschool co-op class this term and I’m glad to say that the kids really enjoyed the class with more hands-on activities.

Particularly since we had 10 boys and only two girls in the class, it was a busy bunch of kids. They all had differing writing abilities so it would not have worked as well if we had to sit down and write out worksheets. We were only able to cover 5 body systems but of course, we had to cover the digestive system.

This is always a favorite with the kids because it involves poop. See how you can use these human body organs printable coloring pages.

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A hands-on way to learn about the human body with these large human body organs printables. Add them to your large human body outline.

Human Body Organs Printable Coloring Pages

Anytime we can be creative and color in our household, I’m going to let the kids have at it. This is because they really focus in and do some of their best work. This printable is great for all ages and they’re certain to have fun coloring and learning about the body organs of humans. 

Human Body Organs Supplies

Gather up the supplies below to get started on this activity. 

human organs learning

My son laid down on the butcher paper and I traced around his body forming a human body outline. It’s definitely not accurate but then we got the basic parts down.

Print out the organs on The printables are not to scale but they can be laid out in the general area that they are found in the body. The heart goes slightly to the left of the body where the lungs are. The kidneys are found in the back so you can’t see them well from the picture.

Recommended Human Body Kits and Books for Kids

Once we started exploring the human body and the organs, the kids were obsessed and wanting to learn more. We were able to buy some new kits and learning books and here are some of the ones that we loved.

Any of these would make a great resource and addition to this fun learning activity. The kids love having some varied hands-on activities when learning about the human body. And I like the fact that they’re engaged and interested in learning. 

 SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set With 24 Magnetic Pieces and Storage Tray Learning Resources Human Body Model Human Body (Discovery Kids) My First Human Body Book (Dover Children’s Science Books) The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body

Make certain to get your free human organ printables below. It’s literally as simple as printing them off to get started. It doesn’t get much more simple than that! 

We’ve even printed them off and taken them with us as well when we were traveling. That way the kids had something educational to do to help pass the time. 

However, you want to use the worksheets is totally up to you but make certain that you print them off and have them on hand. We’ve actually used this human organ printables several times because it’s always a good refresher and learning experience for them. 

Download the human body organs worksheets below:

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  1. Great idea! Learning made fun is always remembered longer and truly learned versus being memorized! Love it!

  2. Hi Monique, I cant seem to find the live size printables link. Looked everywhere for the download page but to no avail. Think you can help me out?

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