Fun Spring Activities for Kids

When I think of spring I think about riding bikes, taking nature walks, and using sidewalk chalk, all outside in the sun.

Sometimes the weather can turn on the chilly side or rain so we need activities to help enrich our kids inside. Spring is a fabulous season, with so many elements that make excellent themes for Fun Spring Activities for Kids!

I mean just think rain clouds, gardening, colorful rainbows, flowers blooming, butterflies and birds flying, farm animals being born, and of course sunshine. These elements make absolutely fun themes for all types of activities.

We have found our favorite spring activities for kids. We have found some of the most amazing science, art and craft activities that not only scream spring but also help kids learn while being entertained. These are perfect for inside on raining days or outside on sunny days! Welcome spring, we’ve been waiting for you!

fun spring activities for kids

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Need a great book to bring spring alive for your kids? Grab one of these engaging story books to get your kids excited about the spring season.

When Spring ComesWhen Spring ComesA Walk Through the WoodsA Walk Through the WoodsEverything Spring (Picture the Seasons)Everything Spring (Picture the Seasons)Goodbye Winter, Hello SpringGoodbye Winter, Hello SpringAn Egg Is Quiet: (Nature Books for Kids, Children's Books Ages 3-5, Award Winning Children's Books) (Family Treasure Nature Encylopedias)An Egg Is Quiet: (Nature Books for Kids, Children’s Books Ages 3-5, Award Winning Children’s Books) (Family Treasure Nature Encylopedias)And Then It's Spring (Booklist Editor's Choice. Books for Youth (Awards))And Then It’s Spring (Booklist Editor’s Choice. Books for Youth (Awards))


Braided Flower Bracelets

Take a walk and collect your favorite flowers to create your own flower bracelets, they make perfect gifts for friends.

Flower Sensory Soup

Collect your favorite flowers for this amazing flower sensory soup.

Spring Sensory Bin

Teach kids about the spring season, the plants, and bugs with this fun spring activity.

Fizzy Treasure Rocks

You can never go wrong with a fizzy experiment. They’re always fun and exciting.

Goopy Grass Sensory Play

Your toddler will be very happy playing with grass. It’s a good sensory activity for young learners.

Green Sensory Soup

This sensory soup is a fun activity for kids. They can help collect green-colored items and that alone is a great practice of color recognition in kids.

Mother’s Day Printable Bookmarks

Download these Mother’s Day Printable Bookmarks so kids can show moms like you how they care. Perfect homeschool activity to do with your little one on this special day.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Encourage your child’s creativity and let them show their love with these heartfelt and personalized gifts. Get inspired and make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

Mother’s Day Books for Preschoolers

What’s more fun than celebrating Mother’s Day with your preschoolers than reading through this list of good books about the super moms of our lives?

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Let your kids explore colors and express themselves through art with this fun Mother’s Day-Themed coloring printables.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

These Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids provide a great opportunity for kids to get creative and express their love for their mom this Mother’s day.

Mother’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

These activities are perfect for a Mother’s Day bonding time with your kids. Packed full of hands-on learning activities, make moms feel extra special during their day!

Fun Spring Books for Kids

We can’t argue that reading some good books is a great activity not only in spring but any time of the year. This list of fun spring books includes great lessons, too.

Spring Books for Kindergarten

Let your child’s knowledge bloom by reading amazing books about flowers, bees, butterflies, and more! Perfect for teaching kids about how seasons change!

Spring Activities for Elementary Students

If you’re looking for fun spring activities for your elementary students, this is the perfect list.

Spring Preschool Books

Teach your preschoolers the importance of learning through reading. Try out these awesome spring preschool books for a fun reading and learning experience.

Spring Books for Elementary Students

Check out this selection of Spring Books for Elementary Students, where each page blooms with stories of growth, renewal, and the dazzling wonders of nature!

Spring Picture Books

Looking for spring-themed picture books? Check out this list and enjoy reading cute stories about spring!

Spring Science Activities

Letting your kids’ imagination soar helps to keep life interesting and meaningful while doing plenty of educational activities which is why these Spring Science Activities are perfect during this springtime! The perfect addition to your science lessons.

Spring Math Activities for Preschool

Welcome spring into your homeschool with my list of Spring Math Activities for Preschool, where learning numbers blossoms into fun through hands-on crafts and engaging games!

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kindergarten

Make every Mother’s Day extra special not just for moms but also for your kids! These entertaining and enjoyable Mother’s Day crafts will surely bring out the creativity in your kindergarteners while expressing their love for their real-life superheroes.

Mother’s Day Books for Kindergarten

Reading with your kindergarteners is a great form of bonding not just during Mother’s Day but all year round! But this time, you and your kids can spend extra time appreciating the supermoms in your lives with this fun list of Mother’s Day books.

Spring STEM Activities for Kindergarten

Ignite young imaginations and spark a love for science with my list of Spring STEM Activities for Kindergarten, where little learners can explore, experiment, and discover the wonders of spring through fun, hands-on projects!

Spring Math Activities for Kindergarten

These can turn the season’s natural beauty into a fun-filled, educational exploration of numbers and shapes, inviting kids to learn through the vibrant changes around them.

Gardening Activities for Toddlers

These activities are specially designed to turn little fingers into green thumbs, offering a playful and educational introduction to the wonders of growing and nurturing plants.

Make the most out of the spring season with these fun and amazing activity kits from Etsy. Let your kids grow their own pretty flowers and vegetables with this DIY Grow Kit that comes with an illustrated booklet of helpful garden information that is suitable for all ages. Compliment it with a good Paint-your-own Pot Activity that is perfect for personalizing your kid’s little garden.

garden kits for kids
paint-your-own pot craft kit

More Fun Spring Activities

Flower Garden Play Dough – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Combine nature with a childhood favorite! This fresh flower play dough is cool to make, look at, and is fun sensory play for the spring season!

Dyeing Flowers – Gift of Curiosity

Pick some flowers from the backyard and have some fun with this cool spring project.

Drawing Outside with Spring-Colored Sand – Buggy and Buddy

Create your own colored sand and then watch the kids come up with their own creations in the driveway!

Build a Bug – Paper and Glue

Get out the scissors and glue on a rainy spring day and build your own bugs for a fun craft!

fun spring activities for kids

More Spring Printables

Spring Flowers Preschool Printables

Spring Dot Letter Coloring Pages

Spring Lacing Cards

Free Spring Printable Pack for Tot, PreK & Kindergarten by 3 Dinosaurs

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