Fun Farm Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

These Farm Math Worksheets for Kindergarten are perfect for early learners! If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way for the kids to work on counting skills and more, these math worksheets are it!

These are not only great for farm fans but they’re perfect for kids who are interested in starting to work more on their math skills. These printables are fun for PreK learners and kids who are in or starting kindergarten.

When it comes to not getting the kids worked up and frustrated learning math, it’s always fun to have a theme to use to help them learn!

If you love this activity, you can have a look at this bigger list of farm activities for kids.

farm math worksheets for kindergarten

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Farm Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

The fun part about math worksheets is that this means that your kids are going to learn from a wide variety of options. There are animals that they can count, numbers that they can identify, and more.

These math worksheets will help with learning how to count, how to add, how to subtract, how to skip count, and more. Most of all, these printables will help give your child the math confidence that they need to be able to do even more math problems as well.

It’s no secret that math can be one of the more difficult topics for kids to learn so having worksheets that are fun and engaging is key.

Be sure to check out my Farm Counting Cards and Puzzles for even more math learning fun.

math worksheets for early learners

Since I’ve used these on our kids, it’s safe to say that they love having variables when it comes to math learning. They liked the farm animals and the pictures and had a blast showing off their math skills. I loved seeing them learning and watching their math confidence grow.

farm math worksheets for kindergarten

Not only are these printables perfect for math learning skills but you can use them to help them get ready for kindergarten and during the summer months for learning as well.

farm math worksheets for kindergarten

Once you print out the printables, it’s all up to you on how you want the kids to work on them. They can be a great resource for math learning fun any time of the year!

Recommended Farm Books for Kids

Check out these awesome books to read before or after your farm math worksheet activity. Sprinkling in some farm-themed book to pair with your farm math worksheets is perfect! Not only are these adorable, but they’re some of the cutest books, ever.

Use these farm books as a great way to get the kids to read and look at all the fun pages. The more that you can stick with the farm-theme, the more that you can hold their attention to keep them wanting to learn more.

Since there are so many farm books out there to choose from, have fun with this! These are just a few of the page-turners that we like but there are so many more out there to read!

Make sure to do what I do and have the kids cycle through the books at various points in time. This will keep the books new and fresh so that they won’t want to read them once and be done with them.

Cows Can Moo! Can You?: All About Farms (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)Cows Can Moo! Can You?: All About Farms (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)Night Night Farm (Night Night Books)Night Night Farm (Night Night Books)Grandpa's TractorGrandpa’s TractorThis Farm Is a Family (Barn Sanctuary)This Farm Is a Family (Barn Sanctuary)Over on the FarmOver on the FarmModern FarmsModern Farms


After spending some time reading, they can come back to their math printables and do some more learning fun.

These farm animal printables will have them seeing all sorts of cute animals so that they can count and work on their number skills at the same time.

farm math worksheets for kindergarten

Recommended Counting Toys for Kids

Let your kids learn counting with these educational wooden toys. They’ll be busy putting pompoms to either wooden eggs or trays for hours. Both are exciting and super fun!

Counting toys are the perfect way to help them want to learn more. Some children like to learn on pencil and paper while others do great with learning toys.

When you combine learning toys with play, it’s a great way to have the kids counting and working on their counting skills without them even realizing that they’re doing so!

These would be great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or just super fun learning tools as well.

wooden eggs counting toy
wooden trays counting toy

Don’t forget that the counting puzzles work perfectly for visual learners as well. The kids get to work on their scissor cutting skills and can then put the puzzles together by matching up the numbers.

There are so many ways that these math printables can help your little one’s soar in their math and counting. Just print and see what ones they want to start with first, and then watch them take off and love to learn!

Once they get the hang of it, they’ll be so proud and happy to show you everything that they’re able to do all on their own! Show them that learning is fun!

farm math worksheets for kindergarten

Download the Farm Kindergarten Math Worksheets Below

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