Fall Lego Challenge Printable

Calling all builders! I’m sharing with you this Fall Lego Challenge Printable to make your kid’s autumn season awesome!

Take a look at some great activities like this in my list of Fall Activities for Kids. Kids will love them!

This challenge is extra special because it comes with a printable list of challenges to get you started. You can create a variety of fall-inspired designs including pumpkins, apple trees, scary masks, maple leaves, and more!

We can’t wait to see the amazing creations that your kids can come up with this year.

Will they build a jack-o-lantern? A witch’s hat? A spider? There are no limits as to how big or colorful their creations are – so let their imagination run wild!

Keep reading to download the Lego Challenge printable. Good luck and have fun!

Fall Lego Challenged Printables

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Why build with Lego?

For homeschoolers, the fall season can be a great time to focus on STEM activities. One fun and educational activity that fits into this category is building Legos.

Not only is it a lot of fun, but it also helps to develop important skills like problem solving, fine motor control, and spatial awareness.

Legos are suitable for kids of all ages, so there’s no need to worry about them outgrowing the Lego phase. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that Legos are one of the most popular toys on the market.

So next time your kids are looking for something to do, consider letting them build with Legos. They might just surprise you with what they come up with.

Plus, it’s a great way to get creative and use your imagination. If you’re looking for a homeschooling activity that is both fun and educational, building Legos is a great option to consider.

And who knows, you might even be able to take on the Fall Lego Challenge!

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Recommended Lego Building Kits

Check out these cool Lego building kits that your kids can use to complete the fall Lego challenge. And don’t forget to grab a great Lego storage, too!

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase 10713 Building Kit (213 Pieces), MulticolorLEGO Classic Creative Suitcase 10713 Building Kit (213 Pieces), MulticolorLEGO Halloween Ideas: With Exclusive Spooky Scene ModelLEGO Halloween Ideas: With Exclusive Spooky Scene ModelLEGO Seasonal Thanksgiving Feast (40123)LEGO Seasonal Thanksgiving Feast (40123)LEGO STORAGE ORGANIZER CUBES 3-PIECE SETLEGO STORAGE ORGANIZER CUBES 3-PIECE SETLEGO STORAGE CINCH BUCKET - BLUELEGO STORAGE CINCH BUCKET – BLUERoom Copenhagen Lego Hand Carry Box 4 Handle Blue, Bright RedRoom Copenhagen Lego Hand Carry Box 4 Handle Blue, Bright Red


Fall Lego Challenged Printables

Lego Challenge Supplies

If you have an assorted box of different colored Legos is always best for Lego challenges.

Recommended Lego Collectibles

Display Shelf Compatible with Lego® Minifigures

Lego Minifigures are so cute! How about we put them on display shelves? Grab this display shelf for your child’s Lego Minifigure collection and they’ll be super happy with it.

Custom Brick Name Blocks

These custom brick name blocks are perfect if you have a little Lego lover. Your kid’s room will be super awesome because of this display.

Fall Lego Challenged Printables

Print out this Lego challenge printable to see what fun creations your kids can come up with as they build with Lego.

The perfect STEM activity to provide hours of fun for your kids as they build quietly on the own.

Download the fall Lego challenge printable below

Playing with Legos is a fun activity for kids (and grown-ups, too!). So this fall, make sure to incorporate some Lego activities into your homeschool fall activities.

If you have a set of Legos, you can find so many uses for it in your homeschool.

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