Fall Animals Homes Worksheets

Learning all about animals during the Fall season is the best These Fall Animals Homes Worksheets make for so much fun to complete with your child!

This set of printables is part of our Fun Fall Printables for Kids collection.

Fall is the best! It really is the most amazing season ever! Imagine cooler, crisp air, cozy sweaters, and fun hot drinks and treats! Remember the fun we all have carving pumpkins and decorating with reds, yellows, browns, and reds?

In our house, we literally love everything Fall. If I had to pick one season to stick around all year long, you can guess what my choice would be. The bugs are gone, the temps are great and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. That’s why we incorporate Fall as much as we can with Fall learning!

Here are some awesome printables to keep celebrating the season.

Learning all about animals during the Fall season is the best! These Fall Animals Homes Worksheets for so much fun to complete with your child! 

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Fall Animals Homes Worksheets

These are a first for me but I created these Fall animal homes and letter worksheets which encompass a few things. You cut out the animals and place them into their correct home, I’ve also thrown in some science as well along with some dot letter sheets.

These were fun to make and I hope to make some more letter ones for my daughter. I added a den and cave to my animal homes sheet so let me know if your child can tell where the animal lives. Those were a first for me so I didn’t have time to go searching for some clip art and created them using shapes. I think they’re obvious but let me know if they’re not and I’ll have to change them.

The other science worksheet is for you to discuss with your child if an animal is diurnal or nocturnal. When are animals most active, do they sleep during the day and are away at night or are they away when we are. Some great things to discuss would be what characteristics do these animals have that make life easier for them at night or in the day. ie bats use echolocation to “see” in the dark.

I’ve added some dot coloring pages for the animals where they can color them in and then practice writing their names.

Fall Books for Kids

Pairing up fall books with these fall animal worksheets really helps to connect the dots on the learning gaps. I know that my kids react different to worksheets and books which is why we work on both and tackle them together.

We’ll often to a themed worksheet or two for the day, followed up by a book about something similar. Or we’ll start our days with a book and then finish up with some of the animal worksheets.

These are just a few of our favorite fall books to snuggle up and read together.

Goodbye Summer, Hello AutumnGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnThere Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!Apples and PumpkinsApples and PumpkinsApples and PumpkinsWe're Going on a Leaf HuntWe’re Going on a Leaf HuntWe're Going on a Leaf HuntToo Many PumpkinsToo Many PumpkinsToo Many PumpkinsThe Roll-Away PumpkinThe Roll-Away PumpkinThe Roll-Away Pumpkin

Get the Autumn Animals Homes Worksheets Here >>

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If you think that your kids are responding well to themed or seasonal learning, keep going with it. I notice a drastic difference when we change up the scenery on the worksheets or switch to a new season of learning.

The children seem to really like learning by seasons and that works for me because it allows us to change frequently and alter what we’re exploring and learning.

If you are looking for more science printables to get your preschooler engaged while learning, check out my list of Science Worksheets for Preschoolers!

More Fall Activities

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If you love Fall as much as we do, these are great worksheets and learning resources to have!


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  2. This set has a little of everything – literacy, science…and cuteness! #ThoughtfulSpot

  3. Our leaves have started to change and fall from the trees, so the kids declared Fall arrived today. This worksheets are cute! Thanks for sharing at #made4kids!

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