Easter Tracing Worksheets

Get into the Easter spirit with these Easter Tracing Worksheets, and a great preschool printable your child will love.

If you love these worksheets, I’m sure your kids will enjoy these fun Easter Activities for Kids.

We love Easter. The cute bunny, the decorated eggs…and having fun together looking and hiding them are just some of the activities that we love doing together as a family.

And as you know, holidays are a great way to incorporate learning as well! (We also incorporate seasons a lot in our learning, too! Having things that give your child knowledge of nature and change is a good learning tool.)

My daughter loves using different printables even though she’s learning the same skills, it’s nice to change things up for her.

These Easter Tracing Worksheets are a nice change visually to what we work on daily. But having them be about Easter does put a nice spin on it for her to stay interested and get excited!

easter tracing worksheets on a table

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Easter Tracing Worksheets

All of these Easter Training Worksheets are perfect for the kids! They’ll love being able to trace along the lines. I love that these types of learning activities give them the confidence to keep being creative and to find that they’re capable of doing the work on their own. 

The kids also love using holiday-themed worksheets, too. This gives them the independence to complete activities on their own and be proud of their work as well.  

Looking for more? Your kids will love these fun tracing activities, too! They will have a great time while practicing their pencil grasp, hand-and-eye coordination, and concentration with these themed printables.

easter tracing worksheets on a table

Easter Tracing Worksheets Supplies

It’s easy to print these printables off for your own educational use! All you need are a few simple supplies:

easter tracing worksheets on a table

If you use the sheet protectors of dry erase board, then your child can use the printables over again, if not you can use your choice of writing media.

easter tracing worksheets on a table

I highly recommend making them so you can use them over and over again. Keep a set in the car or in your travel bag for when your little one needs something to stay busy. They’ll love having these worksheets to pass the time. Plus, they’ll be learning as well!

Recommended Easter Books

Reading books about upcoming holidays and events is a great way to continue the excitement and curiosity of learning! These are a few of our favorite Easter books that you and your child might love as well.

Make certain to always have a handful of books handy for the kids to read. I keep them in the car and that works out great for when we’re traveling or running errands. I’ll also rotate the books out every few weeks or so as well so that the reading material is fresh and new for the kids. 

I Spy Easter Book For Kids Ages 2-5: A Fun Guessing Game Activity Featuring Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Flowers And More!I Spy Easter Book For Kids Ages 2-5: A Fun Guessing Game Activity Featuring Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Flowers And More!Pete the Cat: Big Easter AdventurePete the Cat: Big Easter AdventureHow to Catch the Easter BunnyHow to Catch the Easter BunnyIt's Not Easy Being a Bunny (Beginner Books(R))It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny (Beginner Books(R))Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary EasterPinkalicious: Eggstraordinary EasterPeek-a-Flap Hop - Children's Lift-a-Flap Board Book Gift for Easter Basket Stuffers, Ages 2-6 (Peek-A-Flap Board Book)Peek-a-Flap Hop – Children’s Lift-a-Flap Board Book Gift for Easter Basket Stuffers, Ages 2-6 (Peek-A-Flap Board Book)


What’s included in the Easter Tracing Worksheets?

Take a hop, skip, and jump into handwriting fun with my Easter Tracing Worksheets! Here’s a peek at what’s included, designed to make learning as lively as a spring day:

Cut along the lines

I’ve included scissors activities to help little hands develop fine motor skills, making each cut a path toward creativity and coordination.

Trace along the lines

From straight lines to curved ones, these tracing exercises not only improve handwriting but also guide your child in the joy of following and creating beautiful lines and shapes.

easter tracing worksheets on a table

These worksheets are more than just educational; they’re a basketful of fun waiting to be explored, offering an egg-cellent way to blend skill-building with the spirit of Easter!

Download your Printable Easter Tracing Worksheets below

All you have to do is download the Easter tracing worksheets below. They’ll be ready for the kids to start using right away. These would also be a great addition to their Easter basket. 

More Easter Worksheets

If you like this Easter Worksheet, here are some others that you might enjoy, too! Pair these up with some of these other fun Easter learning worksheets as well! Here are some other ones to try. 

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