Easter Books for Kids

I’ve got a wonderful selection of Easter books for kids to get them into the holiday spirit. From silly stories about bunnies and eggs to educational reads about Easter traditions and customs, this list of books is sure to have something that will fit any little reader!

If you’re looking for more fun Easter ideas, take a look at this list of Easter Activities for Kids.

No matter what type of book they choose, your kids are guaranteed hours of enjoyment over the holidays as they explore all kinds of fun tales and activities. Plus every book teaches something new!

Easter Books for Kids

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Why do we celebrate Easter?

Easter is an incredibly special holiday for kids, full of fun activities like Easter egg hunts and family get-togethers. But have you ever stopped to think about why we celebrate it? After all, the tradition goes back centuries and has spawned some interesting cultural practices.

It all began with the resurrection of Jesus, who made Easter such a symbolic holiday for many cultures all over the world. People from different countries see this day in their own way but they all share a deep respect and appreciation for what it stands for, which is love, joy, peace, and hope.

Easter is a beloved holiday for kids, filled with joy and positivity. It brings with it an energy that uplifts us all and makes us feel alive. Kids look forward to Easter for its celebratory atmosphere, wonderful traditions, and of course, plenty of fun activities!

Easter Books for Kids

Recommended Easter Craft Kits

Your kids can go egg hunting, but what if your kids want to learn more about Easter and have fun at the same time? Here are some Easter craft kits you can get for them!

Easter Wreath Crafting Kit

Crafting is an essential part of Easter activities! Inspire your kids to get creative with this Easter wreath crafting kit!

With tons of materials to play and craft with, your kids will never get tired of creating wreaths for you to decorate in your home.

Easter Egg Foam Magnet Craft Kit

Of course, we all love eggs during Easter! Get even more creative with some fun Easter egg crafts. Alongside the Easter wreath, you can decorate this and display it in your home.

Easter Books for Kids

The best way to teach your kids about Easter is through books. We can only imagine what it's like for the first Easter to happen, but through books, your kids can learn new things about the holiday!

With Easter right around the corner, add any of these Easter books to your reading list this week.

As we enjoy the season of spring and fun with our families, take some time to explore these delightful stories and create lifelong memories for you and your little ones. As always, happy reading!

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