Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets

If you are searching for a way to expand your child’s counting, these Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets are just what you need!

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The Christmas skip counting worksheets are perfect to help students find patterns as they skip count their way through the chart. They can use a dot marker or counter to place on top of numbers they land on.

Practice counting by two, five, or ten with these Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets that go up to 30, 50 and  100. You can point to the numbers as you are counting together then have them mark or place a counter on top of the number as the child tries to do it on their own.

The great part about using these Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets is that they help your child really understand how easy it can be to learn how to skip count. Saying numbers out loud and trying to process them in their head can be hard…but this worksheet can help them visualize the numbers to better understand how to count!

Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets

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Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets

These skip counting worksheets are a great way to teach your child how to learn to count by different numbers and variables. Making them into a Christmas theme just adds to the festivity and fun.

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Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets

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Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets

Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets Supplies

The great part about using these worksheets? You don’t need many supplies!

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Print out the worksheets and grab your favorite counter or dot marker, as the student counts by two or any number they choose, place a marker on the number. They will soon discover a pattern which will help them figure out the next number.

You can also use the charts to count aloud orally, my daughter loves to do this.

Make certain to keep an eye on the M&M’s if you use them for counters..they’ll slowly start to disappear over time!

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Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets

The great part about these skip counting worksheets is that you can print off and start using right away.

I love having printables like this ready for the holiday season so that the kids can easily print them off and have activities to do throughout the day.

You can print off the worksheets with other that are on the site and have a lot of holiday fun for the kids to day any time that they choose.

Print out the Christmas skip counting worksheets to help your child get started with skip counting.

Download the Christmas Skip Counting Worksheets below

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  1. These are great! Skip counting is so useful especially when learning multiplication. Our son learned most of his skip counting through songs. 🙂

    1. Yes, same with my son, it’s the best way to teach multiplication or get them ready at least.

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