Books about Gratitude for Kids

These are great books about gratitude for kids to read together as a family and discuss the meaning and scenarios. This will help get the most out of these wonderful books. So sit back with your little ones, take a pick at a book that gets their attention and starts a great discussion about being grateful, gratitude and about externalizing thankfulness. These are great books about gratitude for kids to read together as a family and discuss the meaning and scenarios. Everyone will love these!

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Books about Gratitude for Kids

Look and Be Grateful by Tomie dePaola Today is a gift and we should be thankful. In this book, a young boy learns to be appreciative of everything, from the big sun to a tiny ladybug. The Thankful Book by Todd Parr I am thankful for music because it makes me want to dance. What are all of the things that you’re thankful for, and why? The Thankful Book explores the many things we have to be thankful for! Grateful Jake by Emily Madill Jake receives a homework assignment on gratitude and doesn’t know what kind of impact he’d have since he’s just an 8 year old boy. Over the weekend, he grows to learn the power Today I Am Grateful by Lorraine Miller One of the best examples of gratefulness for children is their parents. This picture book is a great guide, designed for children of all ages. Grateful Gracie: A Story About Gratitude by Jennifer Tissot LCSW Gratitude is very powerful – as Gracie soon discovers! I’m Thankful For…A Book About Being Grateful by Uncle Amon What are you thankful for? Discover the reasons you have to be thankful, as well as learn valuable lessons such as caring and sharing.

Learning to Say “Thank You”

Thank You and Good Night by Jon Gordon A little boy and a little girl are magically taken on a journey every night. On each adventure, the children explore the people, places, and things that they are thankful for. The Thankful Smurf by Peypo Based on the blue Smurfs, the Wandering Smurf wants to leave his boring village in search of adventure. Papa Smurf lets him go, but gives him a whistle to blow that will instantly bring him home in case of an emergency. The Grateful Spider by Lisa Sarver After a difficult day, Spider feels sorry for himself. While traveling home one day, he comes across Ant, Ladybug, and Grasshopper; who face trails in their life, yet still seem to be grateful. Why is this? Gratitude Soup by Olivia Rosewood Violet the purple fairy makes gratitude soup by thinking about all of the things she is grateful for, and placing them in her imaginary pot. Thankful Together by Holly Davis Filled with rhymes and warm images, celebrate the number of reasons we have to be thankful together! Gratitude Is A Funny Thing by Kathy Walsh Encourage gratitude in children, with these bright and colorful images for kids. Grateful Bob: The Beginning by Bob Briggs In a series designed to help kids learn to be grateful through anything, Bob slowly learns how to balance both the good and the bad in life. Grateful Me! A Book Of Grateful Affirmations For Little Stars by Cherrie Dejolde Bautista Filled with positive affirmation, Grateful Me encourages teaching young kids to appreciate everything they have in life.

The Importance of Gratitude

We cannot stress enough to our kids the importance of being grateful. Gratitude is not just a skill to instill and grow in our own and our littles’ hearts and minds, but it is special and important to externalize this gratitude to those around us. It is what makes our world go round. It is about being contented with our lives and extend ourselves out there to others. In this post, we shared a list of books that will help plant, water and grow gratitude. We hoped you liked it!

 The Thankful Book Being Thankful (Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter) Thankful


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