Thanksgiving Counting Mats

Thanksgiving will finally be upon my U.S. audience a lot sooner than you think. We, Canadians, celebrate Thanksgiving earlier in the month of October and I have to say I’m all excited about getting turkeyed out. Sometimes, we have two Thanksgiving celebrations in one weekend with plenty of leftovers.

If you’re looking for a unique counting activity for you and the kids, check out these Thanksgiving Counting Mats. Learning in a fun environment where you’re focusing in on the upcoming holiday can create an exciting learning experience that has everyone excited as well.

This is why I like to incorporate fun holiday-themed activities that are also learning-based, too. The kids really take to it and love it as well.

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Thanksgiving Counting Mats

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Thanksgiving Counting Mats

My daughter loves using her bingo dabbers with math worksheets so I create these mostly for her who loves counting. I like changing them with the seasons as it keeps things new for her and I’m always adding new stuff for her to try.

She loves doing school like her older brothers. She has her own binder with her little worksheets when she wants to do “school.” These Thanksgiving counting mats are a lot of fun for kids to practice counting and fine motor skills. Isn’t that practical?

Thanksgiving Counting Mats

Now it’s your turn to get this fun Thanksgiving Counting Mats set for your kiddos! Simply click on the button below and follow the instructions. The printable file in PDF format will be in your email inbox! Yes! As simple as that!

And for more seasonal fun, try our Cute Thanksgiving Printables set.

If you’re new to the idea of using holiday content as a great way to learn, I really do recommend it. It tends to break up a bit of the fluidity of the day and also just really does add in a lot of excitement and fun. From Thanksgiving holidays to Christmas, there is always some new change going on that you can easily use as a learning base.

Recommended Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Bring this counting activity alive with your favorite Thanksgiving book, there are tons of choices for great Thanksgiving picture books your kids will love.

Sitting down and reading about Thanksgiving is a great way to get excited, too. There are a lot of Thanksgiving-themed books that talk about the holiday and also talk about things to be thankful for as well.

These are great topics to dive into during this time of year and offer up so much learning potential, too.

Pete the Cat: The First ThanksgivingPete the Cat: The First ThanksgivingPete the Cat: The First ThanksgivingThanksgiving in the WoodsThanksgiving in the WoodsThanksgiving in the WoodsBear Says Thanks (The Bear Books)Bear Says Thanks (The Bear Books)Bear Says Thanks (The Bear Books)Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks! (Reading Railroad)Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks! (Reading Railroad)Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks! (Reading Railroad)ThankfulThankfulThankfulThe Thanksgiving StoryThe Thanksgiving StoryThe Thanksgiving Story

See how we used our counters? We used cute little acorns that we found outside, which was also a great way for the kids to get out and about walking around as well.

You can use anything that you’d like as counters so have fun with finding things outside or around the house.

Thanksgiving Counting Mats

Don’t forget to grab your Thanksgiving Counting Mat download below!

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