Thanksgiving Lego Challenge

Are you looking for a perfect blend of creativity, imagination, and holiday spirit, that is sure to keep your kids entertained and learning throughout the entire month of November? Look no further than my printable Thanksgiving Lego Challenge!

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This challenge is perfect for homeschool moms who want an exciting way to add learning and creativity into their child’s lessons.

With this challenge, your kids can put their building skills to the test while celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Lego Challenge

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What is a Lego Challenge?

A Lego Challenge is a fun and educational activity that encourages children to create and build something using Lego bricks.

It’s a great way to combine play and learning, as kids can use their imagination to construct a variety of items such as buildings, cars, or animals.

Lego challenges are also great for helping children to develop problem-solving skills and to think critically about how to use the bricks to construct their ideas.

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Thanksgiving Lego Challenge

Thanksgiving Lego Challenge Supplies

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Thanksgiving Lego Challenge

What’s included in the Thanksgiving Lego Challenge Printable?

30-day Thanksgiving Lego Challenge

The Thanksgiving Lego Challenge is a 30-day activity that provides children with a different building task to complete each day. This challenge includes two pages, which look like a calendar complete with adorable colored Thanksgiving-themed clipart.

The first page provides 30 different tasks for 30 days, while the second page is the same but more ink-friendly, making it perfect for parents who want to save ink.

Thanksgiving Lego Task Cards

There are Thanksgiving Lego Task Cards from pages 3-6 that you can print and cut out. If you want to pick random tasks per day, this is the perfect option.

Thanksgiving Lego Task Cards

The benefits of this Lego challenge go beyond just encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills. By adding Thanksgiving into the challenge, children can also learn about the history and traditions of the holiday.

With this challenge, children can also develop their fine motor skills, as they manipulate the Lego bricks to construct their ideas.

Thanksgiving Lego Challenge

The Thanksgiving Lego Challenge is an excellent way to help children learn and engage while having fun building with Lego bricks.

This activity is perfect for homeschooling parents looking for a unique way to add Thanksgiving into their children’s homeschool lessons.

With the 30-day task calendar and task cards, children can build something new every day and develop their creativity and problem-solving skills while learning about the holiday.

So, this Thanksgiving season, add some excitement to your homeschool days with the Lego Challenge!

Download the Thanksgiving Lego Challenge below

Try these Lego STEM Activities with your kids to spark creativity and build a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, all while having a blast with colorful bricks!

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