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Thanksgiving Counting Cards and Puzzles

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These Thanksgiving counting cards and puzzles are great for preschoolers and you can use them in several different ways. I’ll tell you all about it in a minute. And for more seasonal fun, try our Cute Thanksgiving Printables set.

My youngest, my daughter, is a big fan of Math worksheets but worksheets are definitely not her only method of learning. We prefer hands-on, engaging educational activities. She does love a great printable though, same with my son, my oldest never got interested in them.

This activity is so great because of its versatility! There are many different ways to approach this. No matter what your child prefers, learning will most definitely take place. You can have your child place counters over the answer, they can circle the correct answer with a pencil or a marker in their favorite color.

Or if you cut them out, you can use clothespins and clip them onto the correct answer. Don’t forget to laminate them if you want to use them over and over. If you do laminate them, you can use dry-erase markers or dry erase crayons to mark the answers. What will your child prefer?

Want more free preschool printables? I have a giant list of them.

Thanksgiving Counting Cards and Puzzles

Thanksgiving Counting Cards and Puzzles

The counting cards in this awesome printable go from numbers 1-12. There are 4 printable puzzles that count up to 30 by ones and then by twos. You can print them out onto card stock to make them more durable.

As you can see from the counting cards below, this is such a simple and easy way to count and get confidence for the kids. Using simple clothespins also works on their fine motor skills as well!

Let the kids be part of this and give them the freedom to build their confidence as well. They’ll be able to count and use their knowledge to impress you as well! This is such a fun Thanksgiving learning activity!

Thanksgiving Counting Cards

Recommended Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Tell your kids the story behind Thanksgiving with these fun Thanksgiving books, I’m a huge fan of picture books for any age.

A simple way to combine the excitement of learning with a holiday theme is to do that through books. Since there are a ton of ways to learn about holidays and didn’t aspects of Thanksgiving, opening up a book or two is a great way to start those conversations.

Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks! (Reading Railroad)Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks! (Reading Railroad)Pete the Cat: The First ThanksgivingPete the Cat: The First ThanksgivingThe Itsy Bitsy PilgrimThe Itsy Bitsy PilgrimA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Peanuts)A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Peanuts)

As you can see, the Thanksgiving puzzles are a lot of fun and the kids will love them. They’re clear and easy to see and simple to use, too. The dotted lines show the kids where to cut so there isn’t any confusion and the numbers give them clues on how to put them back together.

We like to use these over and over again so I recommend laminating the pages before you cut them so that you don’t have to reprint them later. That way if anything is spilled on them, it won’t matter at all!

Thanksgiving Counting Puzzles

Get the Thanksgiving Counting Cards and Puzzles Here >>

Once you click on the link, it will automatically download to the downloads folder on your device.

More Thanksgiving Printables for Kids

Take a look at my Thanksgiving Counting Mats or 10 Thanksgiving Printables for Preschoolers. These Thanksgiving counting mats are a lot of fun for kids to practice counting and fine motor skills. Isn’t that practical? The Thanksgiving printables for preschoolers are counting, coloring, and writing worksheets that will keep your little one busy this Thanksgiving season.

Have fun counting with these Thanksgiving counting mats.
Top 10 Thanksgiving Printables for Preschoolers


  1. I love those number puzzles – kids can see if they’ve got it right by seeing if the picture matches up. Great idea! #ThoughtfulSpot

  2. These look so cute and a great way for children to learn counting. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes and have a great week!

  3. These are so cute. Love when I can use seasonal holidays and events to teach my kids a little more. Thank you for sharing



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