Best Princess Books for Kids

Do you have a little princess at home? The idea of princesses can make any little girl giddy and dreamy. We’ve all wanted to be a princess at least a time or two. It is such a fun thing to pretend or dream.

Who wouldn’t want to have the best princess books for kids, they’ll love this list.

Little girls like to dress up, play with dolls and of course read fascinating books about them. Books are an incredible way to help encourage a child’s imagination in amazing ways.

Books are so beneficial for many reasons besides just encouraging imagination. Books can help increase a child’s ability to focus and concentrate, books help teach children about the world around us, help to improve vocabulary and language skills as well as exercising the brain in general.

Not only that, which is many reasons enough to want our children to read, but reading is fun! When children read about something they are already interested in, like princesses, it is even more fun.

These Princess Books are our favorites and I would encourage any princess to read them!

The Paper Bag Princess – Robert Munsch

The Paper Bag Princess is a true classic and a fun one to share with the kids. Read the tale of a princess and dragon, but much different than you’re used to in Munsch’s book.

The Paper Bag PrincessThe Paper Bag Princess


The Princess Who Had No Kingdom – Ursula Jones

Read the tale of a princess who isn’t overflowing with riches in a castle, but with kindness in her heart instead. This book is entertaining, but also teaches an important lesson.

The Princess Who Had No KingdomThe Princess Who Had No Kingdom


Princess Hyacinth – Florence Parry Heide

Princess Hyacinth isn’t a normal princess by any means; she floats. Read the fun story of her parents’ attempts to weigh her down and what finally happens when she decides to embrace her gift.

Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated)Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated)


Vaders Little Princess – Jefferey Brown

A different kind of princess than we’re used to, but with the popularity of the Star Wars series this will still be a favorite for young readers.

Vader's Little PrincessVader’s Little Princess


The Princess Knight – Cornelia Funke

Funke’s story reminds girls that they are just as brave and strong as boys in this lighthearted tale of a princess that puts herself to the challenge.

The Princess KnightThe Princess Knight


The Very Fairy Princess – Julie Andrews

Geraldine believes she is a fairy princess and teaches us all about what it is that fairy princesses do in this adorable story!

Very Fairy Princess, TheVery Fairy Princess, The


Dangerously Ever After – Dashka Slater

Princess Amanita navigates her way through the royal life in a more adventurous style than your typical princess. This fun tale shows us that not all princesses like flowers!

Dangerously Ever AfterDangerously Ever After


The Princess and the Pea – Hans Christian Anderson

Will the princess be able to feel the pea underneath the many mattresses? This classic tale that many know from childhood, will be one that your kids remember after reading as well.

The Princess and the PeaThe Princess and the Pea


The Princess and the Pig – Jonathan Emmett

What happens when a princess trades places with a pig? Find out in Emmett’s funny book that nods to other fairy tales throughout the course of the story, keeping it familiar, fun, and fresh.

The Princess and the PigThe Princess and the Pig


Princess Penelope – Todd Mack

The fun illustration that goes along with this rhythmic story makes it a perfect one to read aloud with your little princesses at home.

Princess PenelopePrincess Penelope


Not All Princesses Dress in Pink – Jane Yolen

Learn about the importance of diversity and how it’s okay to be different in this fun story about all but your typical princesses.

Not All Princesses Dress in PinkNot All Princesses Dress in Pink


The Monster Princess – D.J MacHale

Lala, a monster, lives in a deep cave beneath the palace, but one day makes her way up to it to try her hand at the royal life. MacHale’s story is entertaining and gets kids thinking about kindness too.

The Monster PrincessThe Monster Princess


Part Time Princess – Deborah Underwood

Underwood’s story tells of a little girl who isn’t just the beautiful princess, but also a dragon fighting troll tamer. The illustrations and entertaining text make this a book kids will want to read over and over.

Part-time PrincessPart-time Princess


Lovabye Dragon – Barbara Joose

A surprising friendship forms between a young dragon and princess, taking them on an adventure for the day!

The Worst Princess – Anna Kemp

Princess Sue finds her own fairy tale ending in this fun story rather than settling for the traditional Prince Charming.

The Worst PrincessThe Worst Princess


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