DIY Princess Wand Craft

This post showing how to make a DIY Princess Wand is sponsored by Nickelodeon.

If you have a child who is a huge fan of Nella the Princess Knight, then you’ll love making this DIY Princess Wand at home. Which princess attire is not complete without a wand? Watch Nella the Princess Knight weekdays on Nickelodeon!

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My daughter who adores princess gear will often have her brother’s sword in her back because a princess needs to be able to protect the kingdom too. While she loves being a princess she also recognizes that she loves to fight and even though it’s tougher in a dress and her crown, it has to be done. As Nella would say, that is royally awesome!

If you're a fan of Nella the Princess Knight, make your own DIY Princess Wand to complete your princess attire that your child will love.

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Princess Wand Supplies

  • Adhesive glitter foam pieces
  • Shiny washi tape
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Sticker rhinestones
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon – various colors
  • Tape

If you’re a huge fan of Nella, then you have to watch this amazing video of the creation of Nella the Princess Knight from clay. It looks just like her.

I drew a star template and cut it out then I traced it onto the back of the glitter foam pieces, you’ll need to cut out two shapes for each color. I asked my daughter what she wanted and she requested a star.

My daughter cut out the star shapes, it was a bit more difficult cutting out foam but she persevered and got it done. I did go through and clean up the edges that she missed.

Use the washi tape and wrap it around the wooden dowel so that it slants down in a diagonal fashion. Wrap it all the way to the bottom. My daughter enjoyed doing this part.

Cut out the ribbons so they are the length of the wand, my daughter demanded the ribbon be the same length of the wand.

Use the tape to stick one end of the ribbon to the top of the wand and then layer it with alternating colors.

I added glue to the wand before adding the shapes to provide more stability since the end is covered in tape.

Peel and stick the start shapes so that they are symmetrical to each other and cover then tape on the wand. When you’re finished your child can use to add the sticker rhinestones to the wand if they’d like.

This wand along with the Nella the Princess Knight crown and sword go perfectly together if your child would like to dress up as the princess knight.

To get into character, my daughter had to change into her dress and then pose for her princess knight photos.

As you can see she is well versed in the princess knight ways. This is what happens when you have two older brothers.

If you have a princess knight or need a new wand for your princess, try it make it yourself, your child will love decorating their own wand that they can use to their heart’s delight.

Tune into Nella the Princess Knight weekdays on NickJr. Nella is more than a princess and more than a knight. She’s the princess-knight! With the help of her friends Sir Garret, Trinket, and Clod, Nella breaks barriers, challenges expectations, and fights for justice on every adventure. A hero unlike any other, Nella always stays true to herself through determination, power, and courage.

Check out more Nella at!

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