Printable Summer Learning Activities

These Printable Summer Learning Activities are a great way to keep the kids learning and having fun, all summer long! 

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Just because school is out, it doesn’t mean learning has to stop. You can keep learning all summer long with these fun printable summer learning activities. While we do tons of hands-on activities, both of my younger kids love their worksheets. We try to strike a balance with them and this does well in our home.

And if you’re questioning whether or not you want to have printables in your home during the summer months, keep in mind that they’re a great way to supplement and try something new.

We like to have them on hand when the weather isn’t so great for getting outdoors or when the kids are starting to get a bit restless and impatient with some of their toys.

They actually enjoy doing these printables because it gives them something to focus on and complete on their own. Having printables is also a great way to keep their knowledge and information fresh, too. 

My kids love these printables. Don't let summer slide happen in your home, keep learning with these fun printable summer learning activities. Learning can happen beyond the textbooks, make it fun with these engaging printables for kids.Printable Summer Learning Activities

What we really try to focus on during the summer months is that learning doesn’t have to be something to dread. The kids know that their summer days are filled with fun activities like going outdoors, moving their bodies, going on hikes, etc. but it’s important to also keep in mind that we’re wanting them to work their minds, too. 

This is why we try to have different learning activities at all varied times of the year. It’s a good routine that works well for our family and hopefully will work well for yours, too. 

Printable Summer Learning Activities

Wondering what is included in this printable learning pack? Below are the pages and activities that you’ll find: 

  1. Beach Letter Find Printable
  2. Camping I Spy Game Printable
  3. Ocean Cursive Letter Find Printable
  4. Parts of Ocean Animals Worksheets
  5. Summer Addition Puzzles
  6. Summer Kindergarten Math Worksheets
  7. Bug Notebooking Pages
  8. Bird Notebooking Pages
  9. Dinosaur Subtraction Puzzles
  10. Field Trip Journal

Not only will you be getting a ton of learning printables to use with your kids, but I’ve also paired up with a wonderful group of bloggers who have their own 10 series for you to enjoy.

How to Overcome the Summer Slump

Summer slump, or summer slide as some people call it, is a real thing. And the easiest way to avoid it is to start incorporating fun activities early on in the process. This means that the kids will have time moving their bodies and having fun and also have time for sitting down and concentrating or focusing on the tasks at hand.

Worksheets play a big part in helping to retain and grow on the knowledge and skills that they already have. 

More summer learning activities

Don’t forget that there are so many fun ways to be active and have fun this summer! These are just a few great resources that we love to get inspiration and ideas from as well. 

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