Princess Counting Mats

So pressing on my with a girly theme, I created these princess counting mats with some baking elements. I’m having a lot of fun with these girly printables and can see a lot more coming this way.

I printed these ones out and my daughter loved counting the dots in the numbers. She then placed pom poms on the pictures as she counted them out again. After that she cleared off all of the pom poms and used her bingo dabber and pressed them onto the images as she counted. There are so many ways you can use them.

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Princess counting mats

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Princess Counting Mats

The fun part about using counting mats is that they’re great for the kids to use to work on their counting skills. They’re not only fun and colorful but they also have cute pictures on them, too. This is perfect for any little princess who loves princess themed learning!

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How do counting mats help?

They’re the perfect way to make learning fun! Kids can use the counting mats to help them learn how to count up to 10. These counting cards not only show the numbers but then leave it so that they can use fun objects to count as well.

Can you reuse counting cards?

You can print them out onto card stock to make them last longer or you can place them into sheet protectors if you’d like to use them again.

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Fun Princess Books for Kids

When it comes to more learning fun, books are the key! There are so many great princess books for you to choose from. Or better yet, let the kids have fun and choose!

Below you’ll find just a few princess books that we like but we could easily add to the list! The more books, the better! Having a wide variety of books is a super simple way to have them expand their vocabulary and love to read.

When it comes to having books in the house, I don’t think that you can ever have too much. I do think that it is important to rotate them out to keep them fresh and new so make sure that you have a stockpile and rotate them.

Even if you rotate books that they’ve previously read, this is still a fun way to make the books new again. I do this all the time with books and the kids never seem to mind!

If you’re looking for great books for your kindergartener, have a look at this list of Princess Books for Kindergarten.

The Paper Bag PrincessThe Paper Bag PrincessDo Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?The Princess and the Pea (Little Golden Book)The Princess and the Pea (Little Golden Book)Let's Pretend: My Princess Castle Sticker Activity Book: Over 350 StickersLet’s Pretend: My Princess Castle Sticker Activity Book: Over 350 StickersPrincess for a Day: A book about kindnessPrincess for a Day: A book about kindnessGoodnight Princess: The Perfect Bedtime Book! (Goodnight Series)Goodnight Princess: The Perfect Bedtime Book! (Goodnight Series)

Fun Ways To Use Counting Cards

Using the counting cards are simple to use as they’re printed, but you can have so much more fun than that! There are always ways that you can think outside the box to make learning fun! Some are ones that the kids can do on their own!

Have them draw and make their own counting cards. If they want to make their own counting cards, let them! This is a great way to get them thinking outside the box about fun ideas and to use those ideas to create new and fun ideas!

Let them teach you how to count. Kids love to be teachers. This is a great way for them to show you how confident they are with counting and to be the teacher for once. Sit at the table and have them show off their counting cards and let them explain to you how to use them. This is a super cute and fun way for them to gain counting confidence.

Have fun letting the kids learn how to count! These can easily be used over and over again and are so cute! If they’re a fan of princesses, they’re not going to want to miss out on this! Since it’s free to you to print out and use, have so much fun with this activity. It’s minimal prepping involved which means that they’re going to get counting sooner and learning quicker, too!

Download the Princess Counting Mats below:

Once you get the counting mats, the fun can really begin! Let them get used to the idea that they’re going to be learning numbers and then have them find something in the house that they want to use as markers to count. Pom poms are fun to put onto the cards but so are candies, erasers, and anything else that you have multiples of.

This is where they can really have their personality come to play and make it their own. If you want them to be involved in their learning, have them use toys or anything else that they want to use as markers on their counting card.

Get the Princess Counting Mats Here >>

Once you click on the button, the file will automatically download to the download’s folder on your device.

More Princess Activities

Once you start with the princess activities, you’re not going to want to stop. And who says you have to? Below are a few more princess activities that the kids would love and enjoy as well. When you have a theme in mind, run with it! You’ll be amazed at how much they’ll be on board with it, too!

Princess Lacing cards

These lacing cards are so much fun and are perfect for fine motor skills. The more that they do them, the better their hand-eye coordination is going to be!

DIY Princess Wand Craft

Why not let them make their very own princess wand? They can use this as they’re acting out their favorite princess scene.

Princess Counting Cards and Puzzles

These counting cards and puzzles are perfect for more fun learning! Just print out and let them have a learning blast!


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