Make your Own Felt Pizza

This is the third day of my felt series, I made some more felt pizza. This was fun because your little one can add in the toppings themselves. This has been in my felt craft project series, and you are sure to see more.

I had to conserve my brown felt since I had already used it for my bread and cookies and I need them for my gingerbread man. So I couldn’t use 2 sheets and stuff it like I usually would. I sewed the red felt and stuffed it so it has a thin crust.

Make your own felt pizza craft

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What do you need to make felt pizza?

You’ll need different colored Felt Sheets, I got the 8×12 sheets, that way I had the big piece to make the pizza crust.

  • brown – crust
  • red – sauce, pepperoni
  • yellow – cheese
  • black – olives
  • white – onions, mushrooms
  • purple – onions
  • green – green peppers
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors
Felt Pizza Craft

I stuffed pizza with stuffing from an old animal. and sewed it closed it. I sewed the onions and tomatoes together so that they would last.

I didn’t worry about a template but just cut out shapes that resembled their real-life counterparts.

The cheese was cut from rectangle pieces, the onions, olives and tomatoes were circles while the pepper and mushroom had different forms.

felt pizza2

You can see the toppings better in this photo, I just had to cut everything out in the shapes I wanted, I only had to sew the onions together. This was my very first felt project. If you had seen what the pizza looked like prior to this, you would have laughed. I have a lot to learn about sewing.

I was going to take a picture to show your my DIY fail but it looked so bad, I didn’t want any memories left of it. LOL.

I drew the shapes out on paper first and then used them as a template to cut out the felt.

More Felt Crafts

I also made some felt cookies, donuts and a sandwich,¬†there’s an awesome round up of fall felt activities¬†and we made a felt board story from the Pigeon books by Mo Willems.

We made our own Felt Board Stories: Mo Willems' Pigeon books because we love the Pigeon and Duckling books, my daughter still enjoys playing with these.

Felt Story Board: Mo Willem’s Pigeon Books

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