What is a Charlotte Mason education?

What is a Charlotte Mason education? Who is Charlotte Mason? She was a teacher living in England during the late nineteenth century. There are so many great things that people love about a Charlotte Mason education.

What is a Charlotte Mason education? Her ideas focused on teaching the whole child which was unique at the time. It has now become a super popular method of homeschooling that is adopted by families all over the world.

Children were taught to work diligently and emphasized good character traits. A Charlotte Mason education means using living books, copywork and narration, nature studies, foreign languages, as well as art and music study.

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what is a charlotte mason education

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What is a Charlotte Mason education?

There are so many great features to a Charlotte Mason Education. You can easily find out if it’s the right choice for you and your family by checkout out the information below.

The use of Living books bring the subject alive when learning about new ideas while textbooks are not used. Historical fiction would be an example of a living book, a subject is introduced in a story format. In the elementary years, copywork and oral narration form the bases of language arts, using good literature or the Bible, students learn to write well through imitation. In the mid to late elementary, written narrations are added. Narration can be in the form of pictures or journals, it does not have to be a report.

Science is taught through nature studies, children should spend large amounts of time outside to observe and sketch what they see. Students are encouraged to keep a nature journal to keep a record of what they’ve observed.

When it comes to spending time in nature, this is a great way to get the kids to love nature as well. If you love the idea of your kids being outside and soaking up the

Music study focuses on a composer and his work while art study focuses on an artist and his work. The time is taken to listen and observe, the child narrates what they see or how they feel as they listen or observe the piece of art.

Students are exposed to a foreign language orally first before they are required to any reading or writing.

There is an emphasis on short lessons, this allows a short amount to focus on learning which is more productive than longer lessons with children dawdling.

Short lessons are a great way to keep the kids focused and simple. The last thing that you want to do is overcomplicate the homeschooling process. This type of learning is supposed to be carefree and fun – so short lessons can easily help with that.

A Charlotte Mason education is easy to implement, there are various homeschool curricula available that follow Mason’s philosophy. However, it can be as easy as picking living books and practice copy work and narration from it.

Favorite Charlotte Mason books

Below are just a few of our favorite books about Charlotte Mason education. I’ve found that when it comes to making a decision about homeschooling, I love having a few great books and resources that I can count on.

The following books are ones that can answer questions or give a deeper look into the basic concept of using this learning and teaching method. Don’t forget that there are also great resources at your local library that can be a huge help as well.

I also find that asking friends and family who might be using the method questions can help ease any worries or struggles, too.

Favorite Charlotte Mason blogs

You know that I have to give a shout-out to a few great blogs that talk about this learning method! The following are blogs that can help you understand the Charlotte Mason lessons, even more, to decide if this type of learning and option is right for you.

Thinking about homeschooling? Get your questions answered

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How to decide if Charlotte Mason homeschooling is right for you

The biggest thing to keep in mind when trying to choose a teaching and learning method for you is that you need to figure out the best way that your child learns. Not all children learn the same way so this is important to know.

Some children are visual learners while others need to have hands-on activity during the schooling time. You may also find that what works for one of your children doesn’t always work for them all.

It’s okay to slow down and figure out a plan of action that your kids can easily have a positive experience with. I’ve found that by just asking questions and communicating with them, you’ll reach a positive outcome in a much easier way and fashion.

As long as you’re open and have an open mind when it comes to the best schooling for your children, you can easily find a solution and one that is going to work best for them. Don’t stress out too much about it as you’re going to find a plan that will work out for everyone.

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