Space Writing Paper

The kids are going to love this Space Writing Paper! It’s the perfect way to write down some out-of-this-world thoughts. Just when you thought that creative writing couldn’t get any cooler, along comes this fun space activity.

We love to use sheets in our house to create and write and have a blast. The more that I can get the kids to talk about things that interest them and write them down, the more that they’re going to learn and remember those topics, too. Be certain to check out our Space activities for kids as well.

The best part about this writing activity for kids is that it’s really an open ended book. They can write thoughts, ideas, or even silly jokes.

space writing paper

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Space Writing Worksheets

When it comes to being creative, we all know that writing out thoughts and ideas is the easiest route to take. This means that kids can easily use their minds to create stories and other fun ideas and put them down on paper.

I love to try to have different themes for the kids to use as well as this is a simple way for them to think outside the box and write about something new and exciting. The more ways that you can get them to tell a story, the better!

How does writing help with a child’s imagination?

Stories are the perfect way to open up their minds and to have it all out on paper. This gives them the chance to talk about what they’re thinking and to also use their thoughts as a way to try and create a mental picture for someone else.

What age would benefit from these writing worksheets?

I really think that almost all ages can learn from this. Just have different criteria for different ages.

Younger kids can work on imagination and punctuation and find a fun way to tell a story. Older kids can focus on structuring sentences properly and formulating a story that follows a simple sequence as well.

The best part about this activity is that you can change it up and do it over and over again. Just give the kids a few simple rules and have fun watching them write!

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Recommended Space Books for Kids

Since writing is all about using words, it just makes sense to pair up this fun space writing activity with some super cool space books.

Not only does this give them a fun learning way to use their minds but it also helps them figure out and focus on ways that they might be able to enhance and tell a story, too.

These space books are great for reading together as a family or for using as inspiration to make their own stories, too. The more that you can use books in your learning, the better. I’m a huge believer in the fact that reading is a great way to extend the life of certain topics. We own a ton of books but also use our local library as a resource, too.

Below are some of our favorite space books that the kids are certain to enjoy. Keep a few in the house, a few in the car, and many by their bed and in their toy room!

Recommended Space Books

Your kids will learn about the solar system and beyond with these awesome space books for kids! Grab one for your space lover now.

National Geographic Kids Everything Space: Blast Off for a Universe of Photos, Facts, and Fun!National Geographic Kids Everything Space: Blast Off for a Universe of Photos, Facts, and Fun!Super Cool Space Facts: A Fun, Fact-filled Space Book for KidsSuper Cool Space Facts: A Fun, Fact-filled Space Book for KidsNational Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar SystemThe Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar SystemThere Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe: A Funny Rhyming Space Book from the #1 Science Author for KidsThere Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe: A Funny Rhyming Space Book from the #1 Science Author for KidsThere's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)


How to use these fun Space Writing Sheets

You can really use them any which way that you want. You can print them out and let the kids write about anything that they want or give them a theme and have them write about it as well.

There is plenty of space for them to write out fun facts about space.

We also love to use these as observation sheets as well and go outside and look up at the sky. This helps the kids get outdoors and interested in what is right above us each and every day.

The choice is yours on how to use these fun printables! You can even let the kids take the reigns to do something cool.

space writing paper

Other fun ideas for this printable

There is also a really cool place for the kids to draw pictures as well. Let them be vivid and use fun colors! This can be a fun illustration for their writing or something wacky and off the wall.

You can even challenge them to illustrate their solar writings and create an entire book about the sky. The options of what they can write about really are endless. Give them the freedom to fill the lines and draw pictures and to really have a blast! You’ll be so pleased with their ability to tell a story and draw pictures that go right along with it.

I’m all about using this printable as a fun way to talk about space with the kids. If you happen to have space in your yard that you can lay down a blanket and look up, make it happen and have fun! I like to pack a few snacks and make a family fun night of it! A simple way to combine learning and fun.

Staring up at the sky together is the perfect way to get excited about space. We’ve spent countless hours talking about space and what we think is up there and it’s just such an interesting conversation to have.

space notebooking pages

Have fun with this writing activity. It’s the perfect way to work their mind and imagination both!

You can also use this to work on their writing and spelling skills. The more that they can learn how to structure sentences and spell works correctly, the better storytellers that they’re going to become.

This worksheet is all about giving them the structure that they need to create sentences and ideas all about space.

Get the space writing paper!

Studying the solar system? Grab these notebook pages to have your kids record what they’ve learned.

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