Sample Homeschool Daily Schedules for 3 Kids

I know that it would have been a huge help to see how other mothers homeschool their kids because I always felt like I was doing it wrong.

If you want to learn more ideas on how to fix your homeschool schedule, I have here some Homeschooling Schedule Ideas to Help You Plan.

When I made friends and went over to their house, the first thing I’d ask is “Let me see your homeschool stuff.” I wanted to rummage through their curriculum and see their homeschool set-up and just soak in all of their knowledge.

If you’re starting out, I’m giving you a peek into our homeschool schedule, this works for us and you may find it could help you and you can be inspired to pull something off on our own.

See my sample homeschool daily schedules for 3 kids below.

Sample homeschool schedules for kids

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Daily Homeschool Schedule for Grade 1

My daughter is in the first grade and does about two hours of school if we’re concentrated. We’re working on her grade 1 curriculum which you can see in this post.

You’ll see that I haven’t listed phonics, grammar or history here. We don’t do all of the subjects every single day. That would be overkill and I would cry. We switch out writing, spelling, and science for those to add variety to our week.

My kids hate it when we work on the exact same things every day. So I alternate writing and spelling with grammar and phonics along with science and history. Science and history can take long and they’re really fun so I like to focus on just one of those each day.

I’ve always done this since the kids are young. I writing focus can cause little boys hands to feel as though they’d fall off so I like to alternate writing subjects with music or art to give them a break.

homeschool schedule for grade 1

Daily Homeschool Schedule for Grade 4

I had forgotten music in this schedule for my son, but he does that daily. We do the same as my daughters, we alternate history with science and writing/grammar with spelling/phonics.

He just completed his phonics program but I did have him go through the whole workbook series.

You can see our 4th-grade homeschool curriculum here.

His work takes him anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how motivated he is. He as the ability to fly through his work or just sit all day and do nothing else but read his book.

It’s definitely challenging homeschooling boys who hate schedules but we’re trying.

homeschool schedule for grade 4

Daily Homeschool Schedule for Grade 11

My son’s schedule involves the online classes that he’s taking through the school board. He will have completed his six grade 12 credits he needs via these online courses to be ready to apply to college.

At least that’s the plan for now. We behind in math and he’s doing 2 lessons a day to get caught up and to ensure he understands what he’s doing.

The other courses have been put together by myself for now until the next semester, he’ll be taking two courses and continue on with Technology and math. He’s using Teaching Textbook which he loves and it has been the best thing for our homeschool for him.

For Technology he’s learning the complete suite of Adobe products from creating logos to editing videos. Here’s the graphic/web designer in me cheering so that he can help me with my own blog.

homeschool schedule for grade 11

This is what the school schedule looks like and all of the extra-curricular activities are completed on the weekends, including skating, gymnastics and youth group. We get a lot done during the week because we’re not leaving for many appointments and activities but our weekends are busy for sure.

The lovely thing is that this can all change with any schedule that comes up. It’s wonderful how easily you can adapt things when you need to

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