Penguin Worksheets

Penguins are undoubtedly some of the cutest creatures on Earth, and their waddling walk can be both adorable and endearing. So what better way to help your kids learn about them than with these penguin worksheets?

More to learn about penguins with the help of these unique penguin activities for kids.

This printable penguin activity is designed to stimulate a child’s knowledge about these winter animals while fostering their creativity and helping develop critical thinking skills.

Not only do these worksheets keep your kids entertained; but they also help boost memory recall & concentration levels by encouraging them to use critical thinking when answering fun penguin facts.

Best of all, these penguin pages don’t require any additional materials or preparation on your part – just simply print them out and you’re good to go!

Penguin Worksheets

Learning worksheets are a great way to help the kids with learning. They’re simple to print, free to print, and great for early learners to use.

Give them the learning confidence that they can do and use as they get older, too!

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What is the life cycle of a penguin?

Penguins, found primarily in the southern hemisphere, have an interesting life cycle that’s as unique as their waddle.

Most penguin species start life in an egg, which is carefully incubated by both penguin parents. Once the penguin chick hatches, it’s swiftly introduced to the harsh realities of life in the Antarctic. These adorable penguin chicks are equipped with a fluffy down that provides some warmth.

The chick stage is characterized by rapid growth, with both penguin parents working tirelessly to feed their babies with regurgitated food.

After a few months, the chick’s fluffy down is replaced by a waterproof juvenile plumage. This is where the young penguin’s fledging process kicks in and is ready to test the chilly waters.

During the juvenile stage, young penguins learn to fend for themselves and master the art of catching their own food.

They turn into mature adults. This stage can last for many years, with some specific species like the Emperor Penguin living up to 20 years!

Penguin Worksheets

Recommended Penguin Books

Are your kids a penguin-lover? Then they’ll certainly love these penguin books! Explore Antarctica and their world to see why they’re so lovable.

These books about penguins are great to read and explore together. You can set a reading time during the day where everyone in the family sits down and reads together.

This is one way that you’re also able to show the importance of reading, even as adults. If the kids see you reading, they’ll want to do so as well!

Mr. Popper's PenguinsMr. Popper’s PenguinsBe Brave Little PenguinBe Brave Little PenguinLittle Penguin’s New Friend: A Winter and Holiday Book for Kids (I Can Read Level 1)Little Penguin’s New Friend: A Winter and Holiday Book for Kids (I Can Read Level 1)National Geographic Readers: Penguins!National Geographic Readers: Penguins!Spike: The Penguin With Rainbow Hair (Ocean Tales Children's Books)Spike: The Penguin With Rainbow Hair (Ocean Tales Children’s Books)All Things Penguins For Kids: Filled With Plenty of Facts, Photos, and Fun to Learn all About PenguinsAll Things Penguins For Kids: Filled With Plenty of Facts, Photos, and Fun to Learn all About Penguins


Penguin Printables Supplies

All you need to get started is listed below. I try and keep it as simple as possible to get started on these activities.

I have the HP printer 8710 but it’s not available anymore. It’s still running well for years now. Look for another HP Instant Ink-ready printer so that you can use their program to send you ink cartridges whenever your printer gets low on ink.

Recommended Penguin Activity Kits

There are so many great ways to learn about penguins. Here are a few other fun activity kits for penguin learning – and these are good for a wide variety of ages.

Junior Scientist Science Study: Penguin

Do you have kids who love penguins? This Junior Scientist Science Study: Penguin will make your life a little easier! It covers a wide range of topics, from learning about the life cycle of a penguin to activities that teach children fine motor and literacy skills.

Penguin Jigsaw Puzzle

Introduce different types of penguins while developing their logical skills and critical thinking in this fun penguin jigsaw puzzle.

Penguin Toys and Activities

Here are some great penguin toys and activities that are perfect to pair with this activity. Cute snuggly penguins or penguin figurines make for great imaginative play!

I’m all about having pretend play paired with learning to really help kids understand a concept.



Penguin Worksheets

What’s included in the penguin worksheet printables?

Describe a Penguin

Help your kids express what they know about penguins by writing descriptive sentences about these adorable waddlers.

Who is that Penguin?

When doing this activity, your kids will get familiarized with different kinds of penguins by matching the penguin images to their respective names.

Penguin Facts

Discover more fun facts about penguins by decoding the answers to the simplest questions about penguins in this fun activity.

Rockhopper Penguin

Get to know more about this specific type of penguin – the Rockhopper penguin! Learn about their diet, habitat, and other cool facts about these cute penguin species.

Little Blue Penguin

Another adorable type of penguin, your kids can answer what they know about these fun waddlers. From where they live, what they eat, and other fun cool facts they know about Little Blues.

If I had a Pet Penguin

Your child can exercise their drawing skills in this fun activity. Encourage them to draw and color cute penguins and describe what names they’ll give their pet penguins, what they will feed them, and more!

Penguin Short Story

Your young learners will not only learn about penguins, but they can also practice their reading and comprehension skills in this fun penguin short story activity!

Penguin Worksheets

Download Your Penguin Worksheets Below

Make sure to download your copy and discover the fun of learning about penguins. These worksheets are designed to captivate children and ignite their curiosity about these fascinating winter creatures.

More Penguin Activities

It’s always a good idea to combine more learning projects and activities together. This helps to reinforce a topic for kids to really understand.

Penguin Rock Painting for Kids

Rock painting is great for hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

Penguin Life Cycle for Kids

This is a fun way to learn about the life cycle of a penguin.

Penguin Stem Activities

Use these STEM resources to learn more about penguins.

Penguin Paper Plate Craft

Are you looking for a fun paper plate craft? Check out this great resource!

Penguin Writing by Homeschool Preschool

Work on writing skills with this fun printable activity.

Penguin Activity Sheets for Kids by 3 Boys and a Dog

Use these sheets for more learning fun!

More Winter Animal Activities

Don’t forget to check out these other winter resources. There are other animals to learn about!

Winter Animal Printables

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