Parts of an Apple Worksheet

Do your kids love eating apples? Add these to your fall lesson plans – Parts of an Apple Worksheet – a fun and interactive resource that helps teach children about the different components of this delicious fruit.

Check this list of apple activities for kids for more ideas on how to make your apple lover happy.

I’ll be sharing more about what’s included in this worksheet and how it can benefit your homeschool.

Parts of an Apple Worksheet

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What are the parts of an apple?

Before we dive into the worksheet, let’s quickly refresh our memory on the different parts of an apple. An apple is composed of five main parts: the stem, core, flesh, skin, and seeds.

The stem is the small, woody protrusion at the top of the apple that connects it to the branch. The core is the center of the apple, which contains the seeds. The flesh is the juicy, edible part of the fruit that surrounds the core.

The skin is the outer layer of the apple, which can vary in color and texture depending on the variety of apple. Finally, the seeds are the small, brown pods found in the core of the apple.

Slice an apple down the middle and let your kids observe the different parts of an apple.

On the plus side, when you need to clean up, they can just eat it as a snack.

Recommended Apple Books for Kids

Bring apples into your homeschool with any of these fun apple books. See how they grow or how you can turn them into treats. We’re fans of apple bread and apple chips.

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More Fun Apple Activities

If you’re looking for more fun apple activities to go along with the “Parts of an Apple Worksheet” for homeschoolers, here are some ideas:

Apple Tasting: Set up a tasting station with different varieties of apples. Have children try each apple and describe its taste, texture, and flavor. They can then record their observations on the worksheet.

Apple Prints: Cut an apple in half horizontally to reveal the star-shaped core. Dip the flat side of the apple in paint and press it onto paper or fabric to create apple prints. This activity allows children to explore the shape and pattern of apple cores.

Apple Math: Use apple slices or apple-shaped toys for counting, sorting, and simple math activities. For example, children can count the number of seeds in an apple slice or practice addition and subtraction using apple manipulatives.

Apple Science Experiment: Conduct a simple apple decay experiment. Cut open an apple and observe how it changes over time. Discuss the process of decomposition and the role of air, moisture, and bacteria in the decay process. Or try this apple volcano experiment.

Have fun exploring the world of apples while reinforcing their knowledge of the parts of an apple.

Parts of an Apple Worksheet

Parts of an Apple Worksheet Supplies

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Recommended Apple Activity Kits

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Science never tasted so good! When your young student’s appetite for learning with these worksheets to learn all about apples. Let’s watch seeds turn into trees and buds turn into apples.

Bushell of Thanks Apple Craft Kit

Teach your kids to be grateful while they enjoy making this apple-themed craft kit!

Parts of an Apple Worksheet

What’s Included in the Parts of an Apple Worksheet?

Parts of an Apple Labeling Activity

Students will label the different parts of an apple by writing their names next to each corresponding picture. This helps reinforce their knowledge of the different components of an apple, and helps them better understand the anatomy of this delicious fruit.

Parts of an Apple Cut and Paste Activity

This activity involves labeling the parts of an apple by cutting out their names and pasting them in the right place. This provides a more hands-on approach to learning and helps improve their fine motor skills.

Parts of an Apple Worksheet

By adding the Parts of an Apple Worksheet into your lesson plans, you’ll be helping your students develop a deeper understanding of the different parts of an apple, and how they work together to form this delicious fruit.

Parts of an Apple Worksheet

Not only will this enhance their knowledge of science, but it will also help spark their curiosity and interest in the world around them.

So why not give it a try in your homeschool today?

Download the Parts of an Apple Worksheet below

Print out these pages to label the parts of an apple with your kids. They will understand each part that is found inside an apple and learn that they are not just a delicious snack.

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