Ontario Science Centre Field Trip

Ontario Science Center Review

We had a wonderful trip to the Ontario Science Centre again this year, you can read about our trip last year as well. Traffic was not horrible on the Saturday that we headed down to the centre. We are not morning people so we got in after lunch. There wasn’t a special exhibit while we were visiting but there was still plenty to see.

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International Space Day

On the day we went to visit The Science Centre, it was the International space day. As soon as we walked in there were special space exhibits. We actually attended a mini talk about space that gave a really great impression about the size of the planets and their distance from one another. My younger son actually particpated with his hand raised in the air as they answered questions. He loves anything about space, just like his daddy. There were also craft activities that were going on and they were packed. You could see the parents carrying around their children’s creations as they walked through the centre.

Living biology

My children’s favorite place is the living biology area with the tropical rainforest exhibit. There’s a wonderful waterfall with a super skinny rope bridge to get across that my kids loved. My daughter, not so much, she clung onto daddy for dear life. They also had those large African cockroaches and turtles, my boys love bugs while my daughter couldn’t get away fast enough.

The human body

My son found this great human body demo where you can press a button to light up different organs in the body. He loved this and spend nearly 20 minutes playing with it. There’s a large cave to explore and a large optical illusion of  a well where when you walk across they use mirrors but it looks like it’s super deep. My son who is terrified of heights would walk up to this and creep around the edge and complain how scary it was. Then he’d go back and do it again. So funny.

We could a huge orchestra playing, and there’s a huge dance floor with moving patterns on the floor that my kids loved jumping on. The small kids area is very hands on and super messy which is always fun for the kids.


This is definitely one of our favorite places to visit since they encourage hands on activities and there’s always something for the children to touch and feel as they explore.

The Ontario Science Centre is open from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday for the summer and 10am to 5pm weekends and holidays. Admission for adults is $27 or $33 if you want to include an IMAX film, $21 for youth (13-17)/$27 for IMAX and $15.50 children up to 12 years/21.50 w/ IMAX. Parking is $10.

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Disclaimer: We received free passes for my family, however, all opinions are my own.

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