Ontario Science Centre Review

It’s field trip week for our homeschooling children.  Daddy is on vacation and we have many places to see and explore. First on the docket is the Ontario Science Center. We decided to trek  down to Toronto on a beautiful Sunday afternoon for our first field trip. The OSC is conveniently located West of the Eglington exit of Don Valley Expressway.  Our commute was great but if you decide to come in on a weekday be prepared for big-city gridlock, especially during rush hours.  Parking was $10 and it take less than a minute walk  to the front gate. 20140622_155541  



As expected, there were a lot of families with young children.  One should expect a lot of school groups on a weekday during the school year.  We were able to do everything with relative ease.  I was advised by the parking attendant that they are a lot busier on weekdays and on weekends when the weather is bad.  If you want to avoid the crowds like us then travel to OSC on a nice day on the weekend.

First up…



“Kidspark”  Science related fun for ages 8 and under.  My kids had a blast here.


There were a few caves at the OSC.  This one was had a few creepy “crawlers” inside.


On the same level as Kidspark is the Space Planetarium.  The Space Planetarium had many hands on exhibits and information for young ones with a fascination of Space and the universe!


Level 6 is the largest level and it housed the Innovation Center, Science Arcade, Living Edge, Rain forest, Rock Paper Science Hall and Special Exhibit Hall.


 The Special Exhibit Hall right now is The Science of Rock N Roll.  Great fun for adults as well as little ones.



My Princess is having a dance off with an exuberant OSC employee.


2 liter pop bottle being put to great use


Many physically active fun like rock climbing and dancing.

We spent 4 hours at the OSC. We would have like to have more time but we had to rush at the end because our daughter needed a nap.  I was pleasantly surprised how much our toddler enjoyed her time at the OSC.  Daddy was expecting her to tire out after an hour and he would have to carry her for the rest of the day.  But she had so much fun and did so many things that she never nagged to be carried.  As usual, my younger boy had a blast. He learned a lot of things today. Science has always amazed him and our trip to OSC has made him much more excited with our science homeschooling curriculum.   Our eldest son pretty much did his own things. He read a lot of the exhibits. He was really excited about the rock n roll special exhibit because he had recently learned to play a guitar. They had display models of guitars and instruments of different ages. The OSC had something for everybody. Learning is a lifelong endeavor and the OSC will have something that teaches and amaze you regardless of your age.  I know I’ve learned a few things today.

Ontario Science Centre Review

As a homeschooling parent, it can be difficult at times to invoke interests from your children on certain subjects. Science is certainly one of the top priority in our homeschooling curriculum.  After our trip to OSC I know that my children will be be much more susceptible in wanting to learn and explore further on the many amazing things they got to see today at the OSC.  It was an awesome way to start our field trip week. Lots of learning and lots of fun!

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Disclaimer: I received free tickets for my family and I in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions  I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

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