Our Ancient History Reading List and a Lego Pyramid

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I love ancient history, there’s so many great civilizations to study and so many great crafts to build. However, my son prefers the middle ages or modern times since he says their weaponry is more advanced.

Learn all about Ancient history with these great books and build your own Lego pyramid

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Ancient History Reading List

I love ancient history, however, now that we’ve worked through history from ancients to modern time, this is our second time around. My son is very adamant about not reading the same books. He hates having to read novels over again, which I can’t blame him. Give him a non-fiction book and he just eats them up.

Friday is project day and M1 was busy building a museum of artifacts on his desk, it currently holds some salt dough creations like a mummy and ox skull.

Lego Pyramid

Lego pyramid

His next project involved Legos, his favorite, and a pyramid. He used our Kingfisher History Encyclopedia to look up pyramids and then made is replicate.

I have to say it turned out nicely. You can’t see inside but there are weapons inside like axes since the Pharaohs were buried with their valuables, he wanted his pyramid to be authentic.

It took him quite awhile to build but M1 was really proud of his creation. He loves using Legos for school, which boy wouldn’t?

My younger son sat down to build, got distracted and went to play. He doesn’t have the patience to create with Legos just yet. He loves his Duplo and Megablocks though.

I’d like to add to our reading list but I have to get a lot of the books from interlibrary loan, this is one area our library lacks in the ancient history books.

What is your child’s favorite ancient history book? I’m always on the lookout for good books.


  1. We have found a love of history since we started homeschooling years ago! Awesome pyramid! Hands on lessons are the best ones around here!

  2. I love the Lego pyramid! We’re also on round 2 of the ancients. My son loves non-fiction, especially anything published bu Usborne. Those internet links in the books are invaluable and we have a blast with them. We are also enjoying Greek Myths from Usborne and I purchased a young reader’s version of The Oddyssey from Scholastic and my son read both books himself and enjoyed them, too.

    1. I love usborne books they’re so visual which is perfect for my son. He definitely prefers non fiction to fiction books.

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