Best Olympic Books for Kids

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These are the Best Olympic Books for Kids! You’re going to love these great book ideas for kids that are full of fun information! 

The Olympics only happen every 4 years so when it does, you want to take full advantage. Stop everything you’re doing and be sure to use this event as a learning opportunity in your school day.

We’ve been following the Olympics with our kids and they can’t get enough of it. We’ve been keeping track of how Canada is doing but we’re being introduced to athletes from countries, they had not known about previously.

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Best Olympic books for kids is a wonderful list of books to get your kids excited about the Olympics. It's a historical event that only occurs every 4 years. Use the Olympics as a learning opportunity for your homeschool or classroom.

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Best Olympic Books for Kids

We are such big fans of books in our house. There’s just something about turning pages that makes for the best way to relax and unwind.

I’m also really big on having themed books as well as a simple way to 

Use these Olympic books as a starting point to get to know more about the different events, athletes, and countries they’re from.

Olympig! – Victoria Jamieson

See where Boomer’s hard work takes him as he takes on the Animal Olympics!

G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet – Brad Herzog

Learn about all kinds of different aspects of the olympics in this beautiful picture book!

How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals – Michael Phelps

Read this fun picture book written by Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps! How do you win eight gold medals? Find out in this fun book!

Wilma Unlimited – Kathleen Krull

Learn about Wilma’s triumphant efforts to finally make it the the Olympics.

America’s Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle – David A. Adler

Not only did Gertrude Ederle sweep away the competition at the Olympics, but she went to set a world record right after! Follow her journey in this fun picture book.

Tacky and the Winter Games – Helen Lester

Follow Tacky and his friends’ journey to represent Team Nice Icy Land at the winter Olympics in this cute story.

Way To Go, Alex! – Robin Pulver

Learn about the Special Olympics in this feel-good story about Alex.

Olympics! – B.G Hennesy

Teach your kids the ins and outs of the Olympics by sharing this book with them!

Touch the Sky – Ann Malaspina

Follow Alice Coachman’s high-jumping journey in this picture book. Alice was the first African American female to win gold at the Olympics, a feat she accomplished in 1948.

Elympics – X.J Kennedy

This strange, yet cute book of poetic styled writing is a fun and different way of looking at the Olympics for the kids!

Max and Marla – Alexandra Boiger

Max and Marla are two aspiring Olympians that slide to victory in this cute story. The lesson is classic and applicable for any young aspiring athlete: never give up!

Pele: King of Soccer – Monica Brown

Learn about world soccer star, Pele through these vibrant illustrations in Brown’s book.

Babar’s Celesteville Games – Laurent de Brunhoff

Follow Babar’s version of the olympics in another fun, original story by Brunhoff.

A Picture Book of Jesse Owens – David Adler

Read about Jesse Owens’ Olympic success in this feel-good picture book that you and the kids will love.

Nadia: the Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still – Karlin Gray

Read about Nadia Comaneci’s journey from climbing trees as a little girl to winning Olympic gold at the 1976 games with these beautiful illustrations!

Benefits of Reading Books

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of reading books are? I’ve seen so much growth from the kids when they sit down and read a book. I’m always amazed at how awesome their reading skills get once they put all the words to use.

Not only that but reading is the perfect way to build confidence, increase vocabulary and also learn how to work on spelling as well. 

Every time the kids pick up books, I swear that I notice that their vocabulary is improved! 

Ways to Cycle Through Books

Another big tip when it comes to books to keep in mind is that you need to rotate them out. This means that you don’t want to have all the books out all the time because the kids will get tired of them and stop reading them.

This is why I focus on themed books so that the kids can then choose a theme that goes along with our learning as well. The more books that I can get in a theme, the better, and I tend to keep a few of those books scattered all over the house.

I’ll keep some in the car, some in the house, some in my purse, some in their room…you name it. Because I’d much rather have them sit down and pick up a book to read than turn on the TV. 

I found out early on that if I had all the books out on a bookshelf, none of them got read. It was odd but when I just left out a few, the kids found it to be not overwhelming and were happy to sit down and pick up the books. 

I’ve left the books out for about 2 weeks before I’ll put those up and cycle in different books as well. This keeps the books fresh and keeps the interest level high for the kids. 

Keep in mind that if your child loves a book, they really can’t read it too much. My kids both have favorite books and they’re always reading them and looking at the pages. I’m also a fan of them looking at the pages and words because it all helps them in their reading skills! 

Picture books are great for younger kids and older kids can use chapter books or something else. As long as the kids are reading, you’re on the right path! 

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