Dinosaur Books for Kids

Dinosaurs are fascinating, aren’t they? They did exist, but we haven’t actually seen any of them. They are strong, yet the largest only eat plants. There are what seems like a gazillion different breeds and all have different characteristics. Some being the size of our palms others being larger than buildings.

Some are green some are other colors. Not only are the reality of them extremely interesting, but putting them into fictional books is fun for kids as well. Some of our favorite books have dinosaurs being friends with kids or other animals.

Although in reality they may have been dangerous and fierce, they make for super fun friends in the books that we read to our kids.

Encouraging children to see these creatures as fictional while still understanding that they existed is not difficult and does not change the fact that kids will LOVE these books. These are our favorite Dinosaur Books For Kids!

These are our favorite Dinosaur Books For Kids of any age. These bring dinosaurs back to life in fun and happy ways. These are perfect additions to any child's library or a classroom library.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? – Jane Yolen

See dinosaurs in a different light than usual in this lighthearted story. Yolen turns these large beasts into friendly creatures that kids will love!

Dinosaurs Love Underpants – Claire Freedman

Find out what really caused the extinction of dinosaurs in this humorous story!

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night – Refe and Susan Tuma

Learn what dinosaurs really do while you’re asleep in this messy, fun adventure!

Tea Rex – Molly Idle

Experience tea with a one of a kind guest, a T. Rex, in this funny and adorable story.

Dinosaur vs. the Library – Bob Shea

Bob Shea’s dinosaur series continue with a trip to the library! Little One learns library etiquette in this fun, bright book.

Dinosaur Dig! – Penny Dale

This book is perfect for young boys who love dinosaurs and dirt!

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp – Carol Diggory Shields

What do dinos do on a Saturday night? Dance, of course! This book is a fun, light-hearted story for the kids that will get them dancing and chanting all night!

Dinosaur Bob – William Joyce

The Lazardo family brings home an odd souvenir from Africa, a dinosaur, named Bob!

Dinosaurs Roar, Butterflies Soar! – Bob Barner

The colorful illustrations make this book one the kids won’t be able to put down. It tells the history of the butterflies and how they relate to dinosaurs in a surprising and fun way!

Rex – Simon James

This dino-book tells the sweet story of a baby dinosaur searching for his dad.

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything – Elise Broach

A day where stores are giving away a dinosaur with every purchase turns a little boy’s boring shopping trip with mom into the greatest day!

Dinosaurs! – Gail Gibbons

Gibbons provides kids with a fun way to learn about the history of dinosaurs in this colorful book.

Dinosaur Roar! – Paul and Henrietta Stickland

This rhythmic picture book will entertain any little dino-lover!

Dino-Soccer – Lisa Wheeler

Laugh along with the kids as you read this creative and fun story of dinos having their own soccer match!

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! – Sandra Boynton

This short book teaches kids opposites while also providing a rhythmic story full of fun illustrations.

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