Dinosaur Connect the Dots Printable

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One of my son’s favorite dinosaur books is still Dinosaur’s Don’t, Dinosaurs Do because it’s fun and quirky. My dinosaur lover adores the hilarious antics in this book.

He still finds it funny and laughs out loud. Now I get to read it with my daughter who enjoys it as well. Of course she sides with the boys though, she always needs to have what they have.

If you have a dinosaur enthusiast in the house, these dinosaur connect the dot printables will help them with counting as they use dinosaurs to help them. Once they’ve solved the puzzle, they can color it in as well.

Dinosaur connect the dots printable

We spent an entire year on dinosaurs with my oldest and he still remembers a lot of dinosaur facts. My younger son loves dinosaurs as well and has spent many hours reading all about them. My oldest and I created a large paper mache dinosaur land but I haven’t done that with my younger son so I think it’s a project my younger kids will appreciate since it’s messy and they can use it with their dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Connect the Dots Printable

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Recommended Dinosaur Craft Kits for Kids

If you are looking for more fun dinosaur activities to do with your toddler, these amazing craft kits are perfect! They can make a mosaic or paint a little dinosaur with these kits.

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Dinosaur Connect the Dots Printable

Recommended Dinosaur Books for Kids

Because you can never have enough dinosaur books, see what other dino books your kids will love.

Dinosaurs Don't, Dinosaurs Do (I Like to Read)Dinosaurs Don’t, Dinosaurs Do (I Like to Read)How to Catch a DinosaurHow to Catch a DinosaurTiny T. Rex and the Impossible HugTiny T. Rex and the Impossible HugDinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life (DK Children's Anthologies)Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life (DK Children’s Anthologies)I Spy Dinosaurs: A Fun Guessing Game Picture Book for Kids Ages 2-5, Toddlers and KindergartnersI Spy Dinosaurs: A Fun Guessing Game Picture Book for Kids Ages 2-5, Toddlers and KindergartnersOh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)


Dinosaur Connect the Dots Printable

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  1. These are great! I’ll be singing up and printing them today! Monkey Boy loves these kind of surprises I find for him! And I’ll be pinning (of course)! 🙂

  2. So much hard work for you. Sooo many helpful blessings for me. Thanks you so much for so many resources.

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