Dear Homeschool Mom, You Can’t Do It All

Have you ever met a stranger and told them you were a homeschool mother and then they responded by saying wow I could never do it all.

Well, I’ve never looked at what I do as this huge important job because it’s just something we’ve decided to do that was best for our family. We¬†made this decision and we’re sticking to it. I take it one day at at time. I never feel as though I have to do it ALL.

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Dear Homeschool Mom, You Can't Do it All - no one can do it all, do the best you can at what you do, it is enough.

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Why do we feel as though we have to do it all?

You are a homeschool mother, your job consists of running your home, feeding everyone, maintaining a relationship with your spouse, parenting and teaching your children. You plan and parent every step of your child’s education and then have to run your household. As if homeschooling didn’t add another dimension to the stress of parenting, you and your family have decided that this is the best decision for all of you.

I feel a whole lot of pressure sitting on my shoulders. If my child can’t figure out change at the cash, it’s my fault, if my child doesn’t know how to do long division then I have failed somewhere along the way. It’s how we measure ourselves as a homeschooling mother.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve gone over the same concepts to drill them in or how many different ways you’ve tried to teach that lesson, if your child doesn’t know the answer right when they are being questioned by someone else then they give you that look like what are you doing all day?

Well, I’m teaching, I’m teaching my child to be an awesome all around person who can think and learn for himself. He may not know what half of 1/4 is off the top of his head but ask him about the Roman empire and he can tell you his favorite rulers and why they ruled for so long, the weapons they used, who they conquered and where in the world they’re located. He can create his own video game and loves learning to play new songs on his guitar using Youtube videos.

You are not meant to do it all. You’ve entered into this homeschool thing with a spouse or your family.

Ask for help from your spouse

As your hubby to teach math if you are having a hard time with it. Can he help preparing meals a couple nights a week, if not then how about the laundry or something that will lift the responsibility from you so that you aren’t having to do everything. My hubby does all of the grocery shopping because he can do it quick and efficiently and he knows all the pricing of everything that we need. But I do all the meal prep because this is what works for our schedule.

Seek Outside help

Ask if another family member to teach them about something they love or to help with your little ones. Seek out another homeschool family who you can trade subjects with so that you teach all of your children one subject and then your friend teaches them another subject. Join a homeschool co-op so you can take the pressure off some of their subjects and let them learn from other parents.

Swap babysitting duties

Find a homeschooling family that you can swap babysitting duties for those days that you want to get some work done around the house. Take turns caring for each others kids. It will only cost you time.

Get your children involved in household chores

It’s never too early to get your children helping around the house. Don’t under estimate their abilities. My two year old loves sweeping the dirt into the dustpan, does she do a super clean job? No but she’s learning how to help Mommy when I need it.

Your children can help with the dusting, vacuuming, washing the walls, floors, sinks, counters. Make it a routine so that it is in their schedule. Before they even leave their room, make sure that they have made their bed and toys are picked up.

Before long it will become a habit and you won’t even have to ask anymore, at least that’s my goal.

How about you, ever feel the pressure to do it all? How do you cope?

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