Bat Activities for Kindergarten

There are lots of great things we can learn about bats including how they help the world and everything they can do. These bat activities for kindergarten will be a fun project for the kids to work on while they are studying bats. They will also make the perfect Halloween craft for kids.

There are more activities like these in my bigger list of Bat Activities for Kids so make sure to check those out, too.

From educational bat activities to fun bat crafts, the kids will love getting their hands busy as they complete the bat activities.

Bat Activities for Kindergarten

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Bat Facts for Kids

Bats are amazing creatures and they often become a focus during Halloween. We love making bat crafts to go with our other spooky Halloween projects or dressing up like a bat for Halloween.

There are over 1400 species of bats on Earth and they live all around the planet except for the polar regions and extreme deserts. While the majority of bats of nocturnal, there are a few species that hunt during the day. They have better eyesight than other bats.

Most bats are insectivores meaning they eat insects. They like to swoop through the air at night catching insects.

Recommended Bat Books for Kids

Does your little one want to learn more about bats? Dive in deeper with any of these fun bat books to discover more about these amazing creatures.

Bo the Bat (Learn and Love Series)Bo the Bat (Learn and Love Series)Bats at the Beach (A Bat Book)Bats at the Beach (A Bat Book)National Geographic Readers: BatsNational Geographic Readers: BatsI Am BatI Am BatArabelle: The little bat with the most wonderful glasses (Koby's Kind Kids Books)Arabelle: The little bat with the most wonderful glasses (Koby’s Kind Kids Books)Bats (New & Updated Edition)Bats (New & Updated Edition)


Bat Activities for Kindergarten

Recommended Bat Activity Worksheets

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Bat Life Cycle

The All About Bats worksheet pack has tons of bat-themed activities that will make your kids love these creatures.

Bats and Spiders Bundle

Halloween season is near so why not learn about learn about those creepy crawly bats and spiders? This will learning about science a blast!

Bat Activities for Kindergarten

Keep reading to find a fun and simple bat craft or project that you can do with your child to learn more about these cool mammals.

I hope you found an engaging activity that will get your child interested in bats. They are amazing mammals.

More Bat Activities

Bat Activities for Preschool

These fun bat activities are great for preschoolers who are also bat-lovers.

Bat Worksheets for Kindergarten

Bat Crafts for Kindergarten

Fizzy Bats Experiment

Bat Life Cycle for Kids

Bat Books for Kids

Bat in the Moon Painting by 3 Dinosaurs

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