Winter Activities for Preschool

Who’s cooped up indoors and needs some winter cheer? Try one of these winter activities for preschool so your little one won’t feel like they have to climb on the walls to occupy themselves. This rain is keeping us indoors which is not ideal for my active kids, I guess we’ll have to find some way to burn off our energy. 

Your kids will love this list of cool winter activities for kids.

Today the kids built a fort that occupied them for the whole day, they even did their school work there. I think we’ll see another one tomorrow.

Winter Activities for Preschool

Preschoolers can engage in a variety of educational winter activities that are both fun and enriching for their development. Here are some ideas:

Winter Nature Walk: Take the children on a nature walk to explore the winter landscape. Encourage them to observe and discuss changes in nature during this season, such as bare trees, animal tracks, and different types of winter vegetation.

Snowflake Art: Provide materials like paper, paint, and cookie cutters for the children to create their own snowflake art. This activity promotes creativity, fine motor skills, and pattern recognition.

Winter Science Experiments: Engage preschoolers in simple science experiments related to winter. For example, they can learn about the effects of salt on ice, create ice cube art using colored water, or explore the concept of freezing and melting through hands-on activities.

Winter Math Activities: Incorporate math into winter-themed activities. Use counting puzzles, like the Winter Counting Puzzles from Life Over C’s, to help children practice numeracy skills while having fun.

Winter Story Time: Read winter-themed books to preschoolers and encourage discussions about the stories. This helps develop language, comprehension, and imagination skills.

Indoor Sensory Play: Set up sensory bins with materials such as fake snow, cotton balls, or ice cubes for children to explore different textures and engage their senses.

Remember to provide age-appropriate supervision and adapt the activities to suit individual abilities and interests. These activities not only promote learning but also make winter a magical and educational experience for preschoolers.

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Recommended Winter Books for Preschool

Enjoy winter while staying warm indoors with these amazing winter books your kids will enjoy.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello WinterGoodbye Autumn, Hello WinterThe MittenThe MittenThe Magic of Friendship SnowThe Magic of Friendship SnowWalking in a Winter WonderlandWalking in a Winter WonderlandThe Biggest Snowman EverThe Biggest Snowman EverTen Sparkly SnowflakesTen Sparkly Snowflakes


Winter Activities for Preschool

Recommended Winter Activity Kits

Winter Color by Addition

Do you want a fun math practice? Grab this winter color by addition printable and let kids improve their math skills this season with a touch of creativity.

Winter Addition Cards

Math doesn’t have to be a bore. Try these Winter addition cards and bring the spirit of winter indoors while you stay warm and snuggly.

Melted Snowman Dough

This very cute playdough kit features a melted snowman that kids can rebuild. Kids will love it!

Winter Activities for Preschool

Preschoolers will be so excited for winter to try these exciting winter activities.

More Winter Activities

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft

This snowflake craft is super easy but so pretty. You just need some popsicle sticks, paint and some glitter to decorate your snowflakes.

Winter Counting Mats

Penguin Sensory Bin

Winter Activities for Preschool

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