How to Create a Weekly Homeschool Schedule + Free Printable

If you’re not sure how to create a weekly homeschool schedule keep reading! A schedule helps you get into a routine and sets your day up for success. Using a homeschool schedule can be a great way to get geared up and ready for a new school year or a week of lessons.

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A weekly schedule will allow you to see what exactly you can get done each day and how you can tweak your schedule if needed. If one day runs longer than another, maybe you need to switch some subjects around.

For myself, we do history and science on separate days because they can tend to run long on some days. We always start with math for my oldest because he needs to be bright and alert to tackle his least favorite subject.

This has been a great method that has worked well for us and has given the kids a boost in their learning confidence as well. I love that I have the flexibility to teach this to them in a time that they need that boost the most.

How to Create a Weekly Homeschool Schedule

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How to Create a Weekly Homeschool Schedule + Free Printable

Every time that our homeschooling year starts, I find myself wondering how to year is going to go. This is silly because I love to plan but I can’t help but have that thought. Once I sit down and start to make out my plan for the year, I’m amazed at how quickly it all comes back. Those nervous thoughts are just little butterflies that I quickly am able to “shoo” away.

I like to set up our homeschooling schedule in a way that works best to motivate the kids.

My other son’s least favorite subject is spelling so he likes to tackle that first. We always start our day with music and then reading so that we ease into our homeschool day. We are not morning people so they like some time to get into their routine.

How many hours of school will you complete each day?

You’re not in public school anymore because you have so much one on one time, there’s really no need to spend 9am-3pm on school with your first grader. For us, we’ve gone one hour for each grade level up to 6 hours for middle school.

So my first grader does an hour to two hours of school depending on if we’re working on any projects. And that time will increase each year. My 8th grader does 6 hours of school sometimes more if he’s dawdling.

As long as you’re getting through the lesson plans and doing the work that needs to be done, you’ll find that homeschooling is really efficient and a great way to plan out the day.

For more scheduling help, get these homeschool schedule printables to make homeschool planning easy. I promise you that if you can get organized on your homeschool day, you’ll be able to see that it goes by super fast and easy!

What activities are your kids involved in?

What subjects would you like to tackle first? Do you want to do a circle time with the whole family? Do you need a library day or do you have co-op or activities on another, this will let you be able to schedule out your week and see where you can fit school in.

You can use this space to write down activities outside the home as well. If you have any clubs or sports or activities, this is the place to put them. This can be a great place to put the weekly schedule and then hang it up on the fridge, too. That way everyone in the family can know exactly what to expect for the upcoming week.

Weekly Homeschool Schedule Printables

How many days a week will you do school?

If you’re schooling year-round, perhaps you only want to do school 4 days a week with a library or co-op day on the last day. You’ll need to figure out how many hours you need for each subject and go from there.

If your hubby is away part of the weekend and you want to spend time with him while he’s home your schedule may be from Tuesday to Saturday. Don’t be afraid to change things up. Who said you had to follow the regular school schedule?

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can make up the rules! This means that you can easily create a schedule that works best for you!

Download the weekly homeschool schedule PDF below:

Make certain to grab your planner here. This is a great way to plan out your homeschooling week easily in advance.

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Make certain that whatever you do with the homeschooling days that you have fun doing it. This is the time to enjoy the moments with your children and watch their love for learning grow! They can learn to love homeschooling as well and just might appreciate the freedoms and options that you can easily offer them right at home!

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    1. I’m so pleased that you are enjoying them.

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    1. Yes, definitely and it’s best to take it one step at a time.

  3. I was inspired, and created a weekly planner for my son to use independently! Thanks for the ideas.

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