Best Books to Read Aloud to Early Elementary Kids

No matter what age your child is, having the best books to read aloud to early elementary kids is a great way to spend time with your family. There’s so much excitement in a great book when everyone can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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One of the rules at our house is that no one can watch a movie if there’s a book, you need to read the book first. This always provides a great discussion about the book and movie, 99% of the time the book always wins because they end up changing things that my kids don’t like. My oldest hates change.

Best Books to Read Aloud to Early Elementary Kids: 4 panels of different book covers.

Reading aloud to early elementary kids is an activity that should not be overlooked. Engaging in reading activities with children at this age has many benefits, most importantly ensuring they gain the reading ability from a young age and fostering a lifelong love of reading.

If you want to see your kids’ progress in their book readings, why don’t you check out these book report worksheets? You can track what your kids have learned from what they have read and discuss it with them.

Reading aloud helps develop their reading skills, reading comprehension, and vocabulary – all vital to success in school. Reading aloud also offers special bonding opportunities for parents and teachers to share with the children, allowing them to explore the stories together.

For these reasons and more, reading aloud is an essential part of laying the educational foundation for young elementary kids and helping them towards success.

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Best Books to Read Aloud to Early Elementary Kids: 4 panels of different book covers.

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If you ever want to track down your kids’ progress keeping book journals is the way to go. I personally love writing down my reflections when I finish reading some of my books. So, I say, keep your kids reading and writing for them to enhance their life skills because it will help them big time in the long run!

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Of course, your kids need to keep track of what they’re reading. It’s also very satisfying to keep their pages crisp and straight because sometimes when we don’t have bookmarks, we tend to fold the pages to keep track of where we left off. Grab one of these bookmarks for your kids so that they can keep their pages nice and tidy!

Embroidered Corner Bookmark

This is seriously a unique and fun take on a bookmark! These bookmarks are meant to be put right in the corner of a page so you wouldn’t have to have the normal bookmark that’s sticking out on the top of your book. Even I want one for myself!

Funny 3D Animal Bookmark

If your kids are goofy, they would love to have one of these bookmarks! These bookmarks are funny to look at because it looks like the tiny 3D animals are getting squished right between the pages. Your kids can pretend to save these animal bookmarks by reading right away and putting away the bookmark!

Best Books To Read Aloud To Early Elementary Kids

If you're looking for books for your kids to read, these books are my favorite ones in terms of stories, morals, and entertainment!

If any of these books look like they would be a good fit for your family, go ahead and give them a try. Reading aloud is such a special way to bond with your kids and help them learn to love reading.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to model fluency and proper pronunciation. Don’t worry if you make mistakes – that’s all part of the learning process! Just have fun with it and enjoy exploring these wonderful stories together.

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