Why Creating Your Own Printables Will Make You a Better Teacher

Ever spent hours looking for the perfect resource to go along with a topic you’d like to study? Castles, frogs or soccer, imagine you could stop looking and still have the perfect resource for any topic you wanted. What if you could have the perfect resource for your child for any topic you needed? You didn’t need to spend a ton, maybe for some clip art, less than $5 and have a learning pack that your child loves? How? If you designed your own printables. Yes, it’s possible even if you think you’re not techy enough.

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Learn why creating your own printables will make you a better teacher - these 3 reasons why making printables will make it the best year ever.

Teach on any topic

You could decide or even have your students decide what topic you can study next.  And create the resource yourself. That’s right. No more spending hours online trying to find the perfect resource. Downloading printables that are only 3 pages and that don’t even begin to scratch the surface of your topic. Want to teach about dinosaurs, castles or biomes, no problem. Because you get to decide what activities your student does and what activity they need to really learn the material.

Engage your students

You get to design activities YOUR way. You can add fun hands-on activities, dot to dot coloring pages, cutting practice, handwriting pages without those boring assignments. Who is getting to get excited about writing about what’s on top of their desk? Seriously.

Work at the child’s level

You know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, you know what they need help with and where you can challenge them. You’ll be able to design printables that will be of interest to YOUR child. If they want to learn about airplanes,  you can design activities for fine motor, writing, art or science based on what you’d like to your child to work on. Need help with addition, fine motor skills, or working on writing, add more of those activities in as you create your own printable pack so your child with get out so much more than as if someone else created it. They could be on one level for math but another for writing, you can adapt your printable to fit their needs. Already have a curriculum? Printables are a wonderful way to supplement activities from lessons you’re already learning. Reading a great book? Create your own printables to summarize the book and pull out details you want the child to remember from the book. Want to see a quick tutorial on how you can create your own writing worksheets?
All this and more is inside the DIY Printables for Teachers and Homeschoolers course, where you can find step by step tutorials to take you from a blank page to engaging kid’s activity.


  1. Will DIY printables help me and save my time while preparing the lesson plans and materials.

    1. Yes, if you’re new to creating printables, it will give you the skills to create your own printables that your kids will love.

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