Weather Books for Kids

Don’t miss out on these weather books for kids! They’re the perfect way to work on reading skills and learn more about the weather! 

We love learning about the weather around here! It is so much fun to sit back and observe what the sky is doing up there. In this post, we share a list of weather books for kids that help us learn more and understand more about the weather on this beautiful planet of ours.

The kids love to study weather because it’s so interesting how it can change so easily and fast. This is one of our favorite units to study. 

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Weather Books for Kids: 4 panels of book covers.

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Recommended Educational Weather Toys

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to teach your kids about the weather, these toys are perfect for that purpose! Get one of these hands-on and engaging activity kits for your kids and see for yourself that they will love it!

My First Daily Magnetic CalendarMy First Daily Magnetic CalendarBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science LabBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab4M Weather Station Kit - Climate Change, Global Warming Lab4M Weather Station Kit – Climate Change, Global Warming LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationNUOBESTY Wind VaneNUOBESTY Wind Vane


Recommended Weather Activity Kits

Looking out for the weather will be the next biggest thing your kid will be interested in with these engaging weather activity kits. Grab one of these kits if you’re looking to teach your kid about the weather.

Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather

Check this printable where your kids can discover more about the weather. This is perfect for when your kids are waiting for their weather charts to arrive!

Wooden Weather Chart

This wooden weather chart is complete with the features of the weather your kid needs to know such as the humidity, temperature, and wind. If you’re unsure about the weather, your kid won’t be!

Felt Weather Chart

If you want a more compact and light design for your kid’s weather chart, this felt weather chart is perfect for your kids. This chart comes with the seasons, temperature, and very cute weather buddies!

Weather Books for Kids: 4 panels of book covers.

Weather Books For Kids

Below you’ll find some of our favorite weather books for kids that I hope you’ll love, too. They’re great family reads to sit down and enjoy together as well. 

These weather books for kids are the perfect way to introduce the topic of weather to young children. With bright pictures and simple texts, these books will teach kids about rain, snow, wind, and more in a way that is both fun and educational.

So whether you are looking for a gift for a child who loves science or you simply want to add some new titles to your home library, be sure to check out these great weather books for kids.

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