Weather Books for Kindergarteners

To help kids explore the wonderful world of weather, there’s a great selection of Weather Books for Kindergarteners full of engaging stories about storms, rainbows, snow globes, and more.

If you enjoyed these books, check out these Fun Weather Activities for Kids, too!

From board books with vibrantly illustrated stories to educational guides complete with activities and experiments, these engaging books will be sure to make learning about the weather fun and interactive.

With so many available resources at their fingertips, homeschoolers can find the perfect book to teach their kindergartner all about the weather —and have a great time doing it!

A collage of Weather Books for Kindergarteners

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What causes different types of weather?

Learning about different types of weather is a great educational opportunity for an indoor activity. It’s amazing to consider that we can experience sunny, rainy, windy, stormy, and cloudy days depending on the atmosphere around us.

Different temperatures, air pressure, and atmospheric conditions combine to create the unique meteorological events we witness every day. Understanding the causes of different types of weather can help teach our children more about their environment and the conditions they live in.

Recommended Educational Weather Toys

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to teach your kids about the weather, these toys are perfect! Get one of these hands-on and engaging activity kits for your kids and see for yourself that they will love it!

My First Daily Magnetic CalendarMy First Daily Magnetic CalendarBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science LabBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab4M Weather Station Kit - Climate Change, Global Warming Lab4M Weather Station Kit – Climate Change, Global Warming LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationNUOBESTY Wind VaneNUOBESTY Wind Vane


What are the benefits of reading?

Reading is a great activity for kindergarteners. Developing a love of reading can open up so many opportunities and possibilities for their future education and enjoyment.

By reading, your child can gain access to new vocabulary, new stories, important facts, and fun games to make learning fun. Reading helps children develop core skills that are necessary for the rest of their educational journeys such as comprehension, visualization, analysis, and reasoning.

Furthermore, it gives kids the opportunity to explore their interests and learn about topics that interest them in an engaging environment wherein they have more control over their pace of learning. All in all, kids have much to gain from reading!

Recommended Weather Activities for Kids

Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather

Head outdoors and help your little scientist discover more about the weather with the Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather learning pack.

Educational Wooden Weatherboard for Kids

Help your kids monitor the weather using this wooden weatherboard! So nice and educational!

A collage of Weather Books for Kindergarteners

Weather Books for Kindergarteners

Introducing young children to the concept of the weather through Weather Books for Kindergarteners is an easy and fun way to give them a better understanding of their environment. There is surely a book that will captivate your child's interest.

Not only do these Weather Books for Kindergarteners help introduce kindergarteners to the different types of common weather, but also to how it’s measured and what causes it.

With so many interesting reads, children are encouraged to stay engaged and interested in learning about the world around them. Which book will you read?

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