Turkey Activities for Kindergarten

Looking for a way to keep your kindergartener entertained and learning during the holiday break? Check out these fun Turkey Activities for Kindergarten!

These activities are perfect for Thanksgiving or whenever you feel like talking about turkeys! Your child will love learning about the history of Thanksgiving and how interesting the turkey life cycle is while completing fun, educational activities.

These activities are designed to be fun and educational, so your child can learn while they play. Plus, they can get excited about the holiday season ahead.

Check my list of turkey activities now and start having some fun!

Turkey Activities for Kindergarten

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Fun Facts About Turkeys

Homeschooling can be a lot of fun! Especially when you get to learn about turkeys! Here are some fun facts about these fascinating birds:

  • Turkeys are native to North America, and their habitat includes woodlands, fields, and pastures.
  • The life cycle of a turkey begins with the hatching of an egg. The baby turkey, or ‘poult’, is covered in down and has a yellow beak. The poult will stay with its mother for around six weeks before striking out on its own.
  • When turkeys are between four and five months old, they develop their adult feathers and start to look like the birds we see on Thanksgiving.
  • Male turkeys, or ‘toms’, are usually larger than females, and they have longer legs and feathers. They also have a distinctive ‘beard’, which is a tuft of feathers that hangs down from the breast.
  • Turkeys are social creatures, and they typically live in flocks of around 20 birds. However, these flocks can sometimes grow to include hundreds of turkeys!
  • Turkeys are omnivorous, which means that they eat both plants and animals. Their diet includes fruits, seeds, insects, and small mammals.

If you’re getting ready for your lesson this fall, why not teach them about turkey life cycles and habitats? It’s a great way to get them interested in nature and learn about science at the same time.

If you have a preschooler, I suggest you try these fun turkey preschool activities.

Recommended Turkey Books for Kids

Read these turkey books with your child during your thanksgiving lesson. It will make them more excited to try some turkey-themed activities.

The Worst Thanksgiving Book in the Whole Entire WorldThe Worst Thanksgiving Book in the Whole Entire WorldThere Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey!There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey!Taylor the Thankful Turkey: A children's book about being thankful (Thanksgiving book for kids)Taylor the Thankful Turkey: A children’s book about being thankful (Thanksgiving book for kids)Turkey Trick or Treat (Turkey Trouble)Turkey Trick or Treat (Turkey Trouble)Turkey Goes to School (Turkey Trouble)Turkey Goes to School (Turkey Trouble)A Turkey for ThanksgivingA Turkey for Thanksgiving


Turkey Activities for Kindergarten

Recommended Turkey Activity Kits

Junior Scientist Science Study: Turkey Life Cycle

If you want your kids to have a fun turkey life cycle lesson, you must grab this learning pack that includes vocabulary tracing, letter writing, lapbook pieces, and more!

Junior Scientist Science Study: Turkey Life Cycle

Turkey Paint Kit

This fun turkey activity will unleash the creativity of your child. So grab this paint kit and join in the fun.

Play Dough Turkey Kit

Get this play dough kit with a turkey theme for your child to have an awesome Thanksgiving activity.

Turkey Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners will love these awesome turkey-themed activities. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Were you able to find a fun turkey activity for your kindergartner? Turkeys are cool creatures to learn about and discover more about them beyond how delicious they taste.

Do you want your preschooler to enjoy your homeschool turkey lesson? These turkey preschool printables is what you need.

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