Traveling Chaos : 5 Homeschool Sanity Savers

Over the last year, the Bees and I have traveled over 10,000 miles (easily). Homeschooling plus travel can be a parent’s worst nightmare but I am happy to share what works for us. Traveling Chaos : 5 Homeschool Sanity Savers. Traveling Chaos : 5 Homeschool Sanity Savers

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Skipping a lesson or two is okay (every once in a while)!

Traveling is already hard on us parents, it is. If you road trip a lot like we do, there can be days you just want to hide your face under the pillow. And that’s okay. It’s also okay to skip a lesson or two. Burnouts are always lingering with homeschool families. If you feel like you can’t teach another lesson, just stop and take a break. I don’t recommend it very often because once you get too far behind in your school year, catching up is worse than a burnout.

Make your traveling days fun!

If you are traveling, then you are heading somewhere fun (most times). Keep the fun of the trip alive. Look for interesting places to stop with the kids. I recently went to Fort Lauderdale with my oldest Bee. As a “thank you” for being wonderful, we went to the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science. We spent a couple hours there (strolling leisurely). He needed to let out energy before the long car ride home. Kids need breaks too!

Understand that some days will not go to plan!

Actually, many days will not go to plan. A few months ago we were in our RV. The bees were working hard and life was great. The next morning, we all slept in a little. That extra snooze time led to a late morning which in turn meant our entire day was messed up. We couldn’t recover from those blissful minutes of sleep. That’s okay, though. We went out and enjoyed the city as a family. Marty is all for just going with the flow. That leads me to number 4.

You and your spouse need to be on the same page!

I have seen a lot of issues among spouses when it comes to travel, homeschooling, and traveling homeschooling.  I won’t lie and say it’s perfect in my household because it isn’t. Marty and I don’t “see eye to eye” on some aspects of teaching and methods. That really shows up when traveling. You and your spouse need to be a united front for your kids. You both need to respect and support each other as homeschooling partners as well spouses. If you can show support and respect to each other, the kids will see that and reflect it back to you. Discuss your lesson plans, goals, and ideas with your spouse before you start the school day or the entire trip so you can become and stay united.

Remember why you started homeschooling!

For us, we began homeschooling because Marty’s work schedule and their school schedule did not mesh well. By the time Bubba was getting off the bus and getting hours of homework done, it was time for dinner and bed. There wasn’t any Father – Son time left in the day. It wasn’t fair to either one of them. Plus, we love to travel when Marty has some time off. Traveling and (regular) schooling don’t bode well for the yearly attendance count. Homeschooling and traveling can be a wonderful journey! Get out there. Check out my Homeschooling On the Go : 10 Day Series if you are currently homeschooling on the go, thinking about it, or just curious. Traveling Chaos : 5 Homeschool Sanity Savers  

Traveling Chaos : 5 Homeschool Sanity Savers


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