Travel Mini Book for Kids

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This Travel Mini Book for Kids is the perfect way to get them excited and ready for traveling!

Road trip anyone? Is your family heading to the cottage for their favorite tourist spot? The warm summer weather and school out brings travel season for many families.

Our winters in Canada are so long that we try to make the best of our short summer season and rarely spend it at home.

If you’re traveling have your child keep a mini journal of their vacation. This travel mini book for kids is the perfect way to record the happenings during your trip in a fun and compact way so you can take it along with you anywhere.

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Travel mini book for kids

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Travel Mini Book for Kids

When it comes to thinking about traveling with kids, having the right supplies and activities in place is key. The kids are going to want something to help occupy them during the trip and you’re going to want something for them to do as well.

The great part about having a travel activity is that it can be great for short trips or long ones, too. The more that you can have the kids using their hands and minds during travels, the more that they’re not going to mind traveling at all.

This minibook is great for kids because it gives them something independently to work on and learn. This means that they can easily create their own book so that they can showcase their favorite parts of the trip.

Travel Minibook Supplies

You don’t need a ton of supplies for this simple craft activity which is what makes it the best! These simple craft supplies can be used for most of my other activities for kids, too.

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/color pencils

How to Put your Travel Minibook Together

Once you have the mini book printed out, it’s time to start putting it together.

  1. Print out the travel minibook and cut off the borders. This is one thing that the kids can do and is a great way to work on their sciessor-cutting skills.
Travel Mini Book for Kids

2. Fold along the dotted lines to divide the page in eight parts. Use this as a way for them to work on their fine motor skills and counting skills as well. Who knows – they might be able to do a great job of making each page the same!

3. Fold the page in half then cut a slit along the solid line with scissors. They made need help with this part so stay close and offer assistance.

Where to cut travel mini book

4. Pull out the middle section where the slit was made. This is another section that you might have to take over and help with – but they can absolutely try! If they can do this, it’s a great way to work on their confidence.

how to fold travel mini book for kids
Folded travel minibook

5. Bring the cover to the front and fold the rest behind to make a minibook. See how much fun this craft is?

Voila, your travel minibook is ready for your child to fill out. They’ll love having their own mini book that they put together!

How to use this travel mini book

You don’t have to set a ton of rules for this mini book. In fact, let the kids have a blast making it their own! The more that they can use the pages in their book, the more that they’re going to love writing about the travels that you’re on.

Even if they aren’t really old enough to write, they can use the pages to draw out what they love and what they see! This printable is an easy way for each kid to have their own travel journal as they see it.

Once the trip is done, you can have everyone share their journal, if they want! It’s a fun way to recap and remember things about the trip that others may have overlooked and forgot. I also love seeing what the kids enjoyed about the trip compared to what I enjoyed as well. We tend to always have different favorite moments and it’s a fun way to compare and be supportive.

Just make certain that you have one for everyone in the family to fill out and complete on your travels.

Completed travel mini book sitting on a table

Grab your Travel Book Below

Print out the Travel Minibook here and your child can fill them in with their own adventures. It’s a cute little keepsake as you travel throughout the summer.

Get the travel minibook here >>

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  1. What a cute idea for kids to remember their trip! We used to love writing in our travel journal when my brother, sister and I were younger.

    1. My kids thought it was fun too.

  2. That travel book is adorable! I bet the kids really had a good time with it. #client

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