Simple Alphabet Learning Tray

My daughter and I have been working on her alphabet letters, I’ve been trying to keep things fun and light so she’s having a lot of fun with it without feeling any pressure. I had some lower case alphabet magnets so I thought I’d put them to good use with my daughter. She enjoys having her own activities to do while her brothers are doing school. My son uses the letters for his spelling so it was easy to put this activity together with my daughter. Simple Alphabet Learning Tray is a fun activity for your preschooler to learn her ABCs

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Alphabet learning tray supplies

I just took a piece of paper and wrote the alphabet letters in lower case as well, don’t laugh at my writing, it’s not pretty. My daughter used the letters to match them up to the sheet of paper. I would say the letter after she finished adding a letter and she would repeat it. Once she gets the hang of things, I can see this as a great way to learn about lower and uppercase letters by writing uppercase letters and having her match the lowercase magnets to them. You could also get crazy and scramble them up instead of writing them out in order to change things up once they can find the letters easily.


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