Sea Turtle Art Project

The kids are going to love this Sea Turtle Art Project! Not only is it great for fine motor skills but it’s so much fun to do as well!

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We’re in a creative mood in our house. All we want to do is make, make, make. I love when this happens because it means that I get to join in on the fun as well. The kids are always looking for fun new projects and activities so I couldn’t pass up the chance to let them try out this adorable turtle art project. Because when it comes to turtles, everyone loves them!

The great part about this turtle art project is that you just need a few easy supplies to get started. More than likely you already have them right at home, too! This activity is simple for the kids to jump in and take over and to complete as well. Just be there for any little hiccups that might come up along the way.

Sea Turtle Art Project

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Sea Turtle Art Project

This fun turtle project is one that we’ve done over and over again. The kids really love it because it’s all about turtles and I really love it because it’s working on their coordination skills and fine motor skills as well.

I also like it because it’s more of a forgiving craft in the way that it’s one that all ages can do. Even though the end result might have the turtles looking a tad bit different than one another, it’s still a fun way to showcase their creativity and artistic skills.

And I love when art projects turn out a bit differently because it means that they really tried their best and made it their own.

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Sea Turtle Books for Kids

As you all know, reading in our house is a big deal. We all literally read all the time and it’s not uncommon for us to spend hours daily with a nose in a good book.

This is because books allow for fun and imagination while also working on reading skills and letter skills, too. Even if your younger kids can’t quite read yet, holding the book and looking at the pictures is helping to develop those mind muscles at a young age.

Below are a few fun sea turtle books that are great to have in the house. These books give facts and stories and are certain to be family hits.

One other fun way to read more is to have a family reading time. It’s where everyone just stops at the exact same time wherever they are in the house and reads for 15 minutes. Just be ready, it can get a bit crazy! One time I had to sit on the floor in the laundry room and the kids had to stay in their fort under the kitchen table! (but they loved it and so did I!)

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As you can see, this simple turtle project has a bit of a mosaic feel to it where they’re using the cut paper and gluing it on in a pattern.

This part is creating the shell of the turtle which is also the shape of a circle. The kids can use different colored pieces of paper and decorate the shell in whatever colors that they want.

There is no right coloring or pattern that needs to be used to make this fun pattern so let the kids do whatever they want.

We used a wide variety of colors to create this fun craft and activity and the kids loved it. This is also a simple way to have them do this craft again and again because just by switching up the colored pieces of paper, their turtle will look totally different every single time.

We choose to glue our pieces onto green paper but again, this can be done to whatever color you want. It’s really up to you on what you want to do. I could see blue construction paper being a great option as well just so you can have it look like water.

The kids were so proud of their creations and I have to admit that I was as well. It was a great activity because they had to use their creativity and take their time. Since the shell is outlined in the circle form, it was fun to see them do their best to stay inside the lines as well.

Once you have everything glued to the construction paper color of your choice, you can then have them cut it out as well. This is optional but fun. You can also have them leave it glued to the paper, which is totally fine as well.

Supplies Needed To Make This Sea Turtle Art Project

You don’t need a ton of supplies to get started. Just grab what’s listed below to prep and prepare.

  • Different color construction paper cut into squares
  • A piece of green construction paper with a big circle drawn on it
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sea turtle template PDF printed on green construction paper

Want even more sea turtle activities? Grab the Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Sea Turtle for more vocabulary cards, dot coloring pages, labeling worksheets, puzzles, and more.

Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets

Have so much fun with this simple turtle craft for kids! They’re going to love being able to create and make their very own sea turtle to cut out and hang up! This really is a great and easy craft for early learners.

Just make certain to grab the turtle template below to get started! This can make the process go quickly and easily and produce an awesome craft that the kids are going to love!

Encourage them to do as much as they can on their own so that their confidence in creating can build! The more that they work on their fine motor skills, the better they’ll get with crafting, too!


Use the template to create your own sea turtle art or craft project.

Make it your own.

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