Petal Perfume Gift Idea

When your kids want to make their own gifts for someone, you look for something the kids can do on their own that’s both creative and fun, my daughter loved this idea. The combination of water and flowers was the perfect mix to express her love. We had the wonderful chance to use Camp Kindness┬áin our home with this our amazing Kindness Elves. My daughter fell in love with these little dolls as soon as she saw them. She claimed that they were hers and wouldn’t let her brothers near them. The activity book comes with 6 weeks worth of activities which are perfect to create your own summer camp. Since we were traveling for a large part, I’m going to continue it into the school year. Each week there are 5 activities to complete and 5 acts of kindness as suggested activities for the kids. This what really sets the Kindness Elves apart from anything else, that it’s fun way to teach kids empathy. You can print out the suggested activities and have them displayed by the elves so your kids can find them to see what they’re suppose to do for the day. Petal perfume gift idea for kids is the perfect expression of love and appreciation your child can create on their own - a kid-approved activity they'll love The elves come with their own house, there are 6 type of elves that have different character traits. The pink elves are the wish makers and the green are the nature lovers. There’s even a little red baby elf, my daughter’s favorite. Their home has a mailbox where your kids can send them letters.

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Flower Perfume Supplies

  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Flower and/or flower petals
  • Clean containers
We got to pick flowers from our backyard to make these gorgeous petal perfume jars. We chose the ones that were the most colorful. I didn’t expect my son to join in with us and he made is own jar. He called it his potion, where he referenced Minecraft. Because we had lavender in there, they really did smell lovely. And a potions maker always has to test out her concoctions. She wanted one of the jars to go to Grandma and one of them to be for her elf friends. We hope they like them. I’m not sure how long they’ll last but they look wonderful as decorative gift ideas for loved ones.

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