Pasta Butterfly Craft

This Pasta Butterfly Craft is great for early learners and fine motor skills. It’s a simple art activity that highlights creativity and shows how simple it can be to create fun craft projects, right at home.

We’ve actually done this fun pasta craft a lot of times in our house. The kids find it pretty adorable that the pasta really does look like a butterfly – as do I! Anytime I’m heading to the store, I just make certain to add an extra bag or two of pasta to my list so that we can do this butterfly activity anytime that we want.

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It’s simple to do during the summer months or really any time of the year. If you’re learning about butterflies, this can be a fun art and craft activity to add to your lesson plans easily.

Pasta Butterfly Craft

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Pasta Butterfly Craft

Pasta crafts are an affordable way to make cute crafts. Not only are they sturdy and they hold up well but they’re super simple to use and are easy to dye and change colors at the same time.

We’ve done this activity during the day, at night, or just when we were looking for something fast and simple to do. The kids literally have a blast with it every single time. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve joined in on the fun, too!

If you have little kids, this is a great activity to build confidence in their creativity as well. Plus, creating a cute gift out of pasta is the perfect homemade gift idea to share with family and friends. This is for sure fridge-worthy to hang up and show off to the world.

There are a few things that you’ll need to gather to color and dye the pasta.

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Supplies needed for pasta craft

  • Bow tie pasta
  • Various colors of Food coloring
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Sandwich size baggies, zipper closure if possible
  • Tray and paper towels

Supplies for creating the art

  • Dyed or colored bowtie pasta
  • Cute bottons
  • Paper
  • Green and black markers
  • Glue

How to Create Colored Butterflies Using Pasta

The best part about this craft is that it’s really fast and simple to do! It’s beautiful and a fun way for the kids to be creative while using their fine motor skills as learning fun also.

Dyed pasta drying for the Pasta Butterfly Craft

Once you follow the steps to dye the pasta, it’s as simple as letting it dry and starting to paste it on the paper.

When I say that this is easy, I’m serious! It’s fun and simple and the kids are going to love it. I remember thinking how much fun pasta is to eat and play with and this craft proves that to be true.

Pasta Butterfly Craft showing placement of pasta butterflies on the paper

Be certain to let the kids have a blast using the colors that they want and taking charge of this craft. They can have orange butterflies, purple butterflies, red ones, or more.

As you can see from the image below, it’s an easy way to be creative and have a blast.

Using a marker to add details to the butterflies and flowers for the Pasta Butterfly Craft

Fun tips for using this Pasta Butterfly Craft

When it comes to this simple craft idea, you can expand it as much as you’d like. It’s an easy way to work on hand-eye coordination as well as color skills, too.

You can easily use this craft to work on color identification with your little one. Talk about the colors as they pick them out of the bag and even work on them with spelling or figuring out what letter the color starts with.

Once that conversation starts, it can lead to talking about how the color combinations can create all-new colors, too!

You can also use this time to talk about the life of a butterfly as well. There are a lot of simple and fun facts that your child is certain to find interesting when talking about butterflies.

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Final Pasta Butterfly Craft on display with colorful dyed pasta butterflies and flowers on a white paper with green floral paper underneath.

Get outside and explore

The other great part about this fun butterfly craft is that it can help to motivate you to get out the door. The more that you can get the kids outside and active, the more exploration that you’re going to have.

If you have a favorite nature walk, now is the perfect time to get them out and see if there are butterflies that just so happen to be flying around. They’ll love the ability to spot the butterflies and it’s great to get moving, too.

We have a trail that isn’t too far that we like to get out and explore a few times a week. I’m always amazed at the different things that we can see on the trail and it’s a great way to get the kids excited for even more nature learning fun.

Other fun ideas for using dyed pasta

One other thing to keep in mind is that once you dye the pasta, you may find that you have some leftovers. That is great! You can literally use any leftover pasta for so many things!

Have the kids work on separating the colors and making piles. They can then work on their counting skills as well – two birds with one lesson!

The great thing about using dyed pasta for learning is that you don’t have to really worry about storing them anywhere specific. We have a mason jar that we have some dyed pasta in at all times so that way the kids can be as creative as they want when they want!

Have so much fun with this Pasta Butterfly Craft. It’s such a fun activity for the kids to be able to do pretty much on their own! Perfect for spring and summer learning or when the weather is cold and you’re dreaming about warmer times!

Pasta Butterfly craft

Pasta Butterfly Craft

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

This is such a fun art activity using colored pasta!


Supplies needed for pasta craft:

  • Bow tie pasta
  • Various colors of Food coloring
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Sandwich size baggies, zipper closure if possible
  • Tray and paper towels

Supplies for creating the art:

  • Dyed or colored bowtie pasta
  • Cute buttons
  • Paper
  • Green and black markers
  • Glue


To dye the pasta:

Put 1 cup of the bowtie pasta into a bag.

Add about 15 drops of whatever color of food coloring into the bag.

Mix in 1/2 T of rubbing alcohol to the pasta and food coloring.

Seal the bag and mix gently until the color is all over the pasta.

Once done, pour out the pasta onto a tray that is lined with paper towels. Make certain to spread them out so that they can dry.

To make the pasta butterfly art:

Add some glue onto the paper and put the colored pasta on top.

You can then have the kids draw on antennas to make them look more like butterflies.

Add butterfly buttons and draw them to look like flowers.

Make certain to set it aside so that it can dry completely.

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