Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Get up close and personal with nature as you color these beautiful, educational monarch butterfly life cycle coloring pages. Let kids learn the amazing stages of a monarch’s life cycle in detail as they bring it to life with their own creative touches.

If you loved these coloring pages, your kids will surely the activities in this list of butterfly learning activities!

Monarch butterflies really are an incredible species and now can be even more fascinating for kids. With each page of this blog post, kids can explore all sorts of colorful details about the lifecycle, from egg laying to their migration south!

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages

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Why are Monarch butterflies important?

Every spring, youngsters across the globe eagerly await the flutter of these majestic creatures in their gardens and neighborhoods. It won’t take kids long to realize that Monarch butterflies are different from other types of butterflies—they’re bigger, with stunningly dramatic wingspan.

These beloved butterflies really stand out among the crowd wherever they go! They also hold great ecological value; monarch butterflies migrate across from Canada every year to escape the brutal winter conditions to go to sunny and warm Mexico where they spend the winters.

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages Supplies

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Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Recommended Butterfly Books

While your kids are coloring these monarch butterfly coloring pages, they can also listen to you read them these books! Pick one or two of these books to ensure your kids are satisfied with their new butterfly knowledge!

Monarch ButterflyMonarch ButterflyPinkalicious and the Little ButterflyPinkalicious and the Little ButterflyThe Little Butterfly That CouldThe Little Butterfly That CouldMy, Oh My--A Butterfly!My, Oh My–A Butterfly!A Butterfly Is PatientA Butterfly Is PatientButterflies Are Pretty ... Gross!Butterflies Are Pretty … Gross!


Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Recommended Butterfly Activity Kits

There are so many activities you could do with your kids when it comes to butterflies! Here are a few ideas on how to bring excitement to the table and utilize your kids’ butterfly knowledge!

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Butterfly Life Cycle

If you think that this is the same old butterfly life cycle activity that you and your kids see every time, you might want to double-check! This activity kit includes so much more butterfly information that your kids will need to learn more about them! See how much they will learn about the types of butterflies – from monarch to buckeye, your kids will be pointing fingers at them and identifying which is which!

NatGeo Butterfly Growing Kit

This butterfly growing kit is amazing for kids who want to see up and close how a butterfly grows! You can catch your own caterpillars or you can buy your kids different caterpillars from the voucher that this butterfly kit will provide. Your kids will have everything they need to grow a butterfly in this kit and watch as they grow into beautiful butterflies!

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Monarch coloring pages are a great way for kids to learn about the life cycle of these beautiful creatures. By coloring these pages, kids can not only learn about the different stages of a Monarch’s life, but they can also see how each stage is connected.

Through this coloring activity, kids will gain a better understanding of how Monarch butterflies grow and develop.

Download the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages below

Go ahead and print out these coloring pages of monarch butterflies to add to your spring homeschool lessons. Your kids will love getting creative with these pages.

If you have a preschooler and are looking for more science printables to get your child engaged while learning, check out my list of Science Worksheets for Preschoolers!

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