Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Check out these Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets for kids! They’re so much fun to keep the kids engaged and learning math! Check out these Ocean Worksheets you don’t want to miss!

With summer around the corner, these ocean kindergarten math worksheets will get you thinking about the beach. Have fun learning math with these ocean creatures. They’re great for preschool or kindergarten students depending on your child.

If your child is not a fan of writing have them dictate their answers to you. Just because they are a reluctant writer, it doesn’t mean they can’t do math. My son would get frustrated with the act of writing the answers but he knew them.

There are two sheets of number sense, addition, subtraction, and counting. There’s also lots of space to write for those who haven’t mastered their penmanship just yet. Practice math without it having to be a chore, these are bright and colorful which always seems to make math a bit more exciting than their regular textbooks.

Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets

If you’re heading to the beach this summer or you have an ocean lover, these ocean math worksheets will be a blast. Count the fish and starfish and they also get to practice their skip counting. Try these fun ocean activities for kids to extend their learning.

You can even add these printables to a fun trip to the beach. Loading everyone up in the car and headed to the beach sounds great, and these printables are a great learning activity to pass the time. 

Just have them printed off before you go and have them handy for when the kids are starting to get restless and impatient. I find that when we’re traveling in the car is the perfect time to get the kids excited and geared up for learning.

The last thing that they want to do is be in a car forever without anything to do so having worksheets like these handy are perfect. This means that they can easily learn and stay focused on the trip.

Even though these are gearded toward early learners, let the older kids have a say in them as well. This is the perfect chance for them to cozy up to their younger siblings and help them teach them math as well. Talk about the perfect chance to bond together over a fun educational activity! 

Be certain to check out these Ocean Activities for Elementary Kids as well for even more fun learning ideas.

Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Recommended Ocean Activity Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Math Kit: Ocean

Grab this ocean-themed worksheets! Kids can learn (or practice) basic math, patterning, and more!

Little Learners Print & Go Math Kit: Ocean

Deep Blue Seascape Activity Kit 

Get this activity kit for your little ocean-lover.

Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Recommended Ocean Books For Kids

Extend this activity by reading your favorite ocean books, The Rainbow Fish and the Pout-Pout Fish are great books to share with your kids and easily lend themselves to great kids crafts.

All of these books below are really fun and simple to read and are some of our favorite ocean books there is. 

We take turns as a family reading them and they bring such joy and great conversations as well. We’ve had so many great conversations because of what we’ve read together in a book. The kids love being able to turn the pages and see the pictures and words.

The great thing about all of these ocean books for kids is that they’re all so unique and fun! They’re perfect for sitting down and snuggling in for a day of reading or are a great way to get the kids interested in learning more.

You can easily extend the learning lesson of these ocean math worksheets by having the kids dive into some other really great books as well.

Don’t forget that books are a great way to encourage kids to keep learning more. They can easily find out even more fun facts just by opening up and turning the pages of a book.

Hello, World! Ocean LifeHello, World! Ocean LifeThe Big Book of the Blue (The Big Book Series)The Big Book of the Blue (The Big Book Series)Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)The Rainbow FishThe Rainbow FishCommotion in the OceanCommotion in the OceanStella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure (Ocean Tales Children's Books)Stella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure (Ocean Tales Children’s Books)


Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Don’t forget to download your Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets printables below. It’s literally as simple as clicking the button and getting your printables. Besides that, there’s no other work needed on your part! 

Download the Ocean Kindergarten Math Worksheets below

Grab these math worksheets. Your kindergartener will love learning math with these.

I highly recommend using these Math worksheets during the summer months. Not only are they a great way to keep the kids on point with their math skills but they’re also a great way to keep them paying attention and active in their learning as well.

Just because the summer months are here doesn’t mean that the kids have to stop with their learning. They can easily take the time to learn more and use these fun worksheets to make it happen.

Do you want more kindergarten worksheets? Meet the helpers in our community with these Police Worksheets for Kindergarten, sparking curiosity and respect for those who keep us safe!

If you’re planning on a homeschool ocean unit, these Ocean Unit Study Resources are perfect!

More Ocean Printables

Just because we’re ocean crazy, make certain that you check out some of our other ocean printables. You can never have too much learning fun, right? 

Ocean Counting Mats

Ocean Counting Cards and Puzzles

Ocean Lacing Cards

The more that you can combine ocean activities together to create learning, the better. The kids will love being able to continue on with this themed learning activity.

More math worksheets for kids

Just like everything in life, the more practice the kids get, the more comfortable that they’re going to be. This is why we’re all about having more math worksheets for them to do. 

I’ve found that when we keep up with the math worksheets and learning throughout the year, the kids are really excited about the process. It’s also a great way to have them engaged during the summer months and keeps them on track for the next school year.

I’d much rather them do a little bit of math over the summer months and feel ready for the start of school than to have a long summer break and have to worry about the feeling of being behind.

Here are some other great math printables for the kids! Use these as a way to supplement the learning to keep the kids motivated to learn more.

Summer Addition Puzzles

Summer Money Puzzles

Dinosaur Subtraction Puzzles

Farm Skip Counting Math Worksheets

Skip Counting Printables by 3 Dinosaurs


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