What is Notebooking? An Alternative to Lapbooks

So you’ve followed along my 5 day series on homeschooling with lapbooks and you still think you can’t do it. Well, maybe notebooking is the answer for you instead. You just don’t want to make the effort with those large oversized file folders. What can you use instead? How about a spiral bound notebook, duotang, or binder? It really doesn’t have to be a large lapbook at all. Notebooking works on the same principle. It’s a written narration of your child’s learning. Whatever topic they are studying, you can create a notebook for it. notebook Are they learning about Egypt? Well find some images for a map, Egyptian clothing, food, important historical figures, homes and then have your child write about what they’ve learned on the topic. To da, you have a notebook. Really love the idea of lapbooks still, but don’t think you can do it? Just place your minibooks into a notebook instead of the folder. I personally don’t make many full lapbooks any more. I use a spiral bound notebook from the dollar store and have the children paste their minibooks into them. Sometimes, I just don’t want to create a full minibook but I find a great image on a topic. My son can easily add more information and write it right into his notebook without cutting out more paper to do so. With a  minibook, your writing is confined to it’s size, however, with notebooking they can write as much as they want and they won’t run out of space. Awesome notebooking sites: Not free:
  • Enchanted Learning – it’s $20/year – I love this site for the early elementary years
  • Notebooking Pages also has a lifetime membership jam packed with notebooking pages for every subject.
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  1. As some of my kids have gotten older and don’t like lap books anymore, we have switched to notebooking. It’s great, too!

    1. My 7th grader has done the same, less cutting and pasting.

  2. Monique,

    I have sent over several e-mails about the HP Laptop giveaway. What’s going on? I paid for a spot and I haven’t heard from you or whoever actually runs the giveaway.

    I need to know what’s going on!

    1. I don’t believe I’m a part of any laptop giveaways. You will have to contact the organizer since those are usually group giveaways.

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