Math Mammoth Review – Grade 6

math mammoth review grade 6I had the pleasure of reviewing Math Mammoth‘s grade 6 light blue curriculum as a part of  Mosaic Reviews. I’ve already owned the dark blue series for grade 1 to 6. This series is organized by topic while the light blue series is organized by grade. Technically, I have a 7th grader but after looking at the placement test, I saw that my son, M1, had some holes in his math so I figured I could get him caught up and onto the same level in all the areas. There are 5 chapters in level A and 4 chapters in level B. Each chapter starts off with a list of online resources and ends with a chapter review which I love. I like not having to look up resources myself. The download comes as 4 different files, for 6A and 6B and then the answer keys for each. Math Mammoth is written to the student and can definitely be an independent program. Each lesson starts out with a very visual demonstration which I love for my visual learner. Math Mammoth’s teaching style is more along the lines of asian math and presents materials in a different manner than other curriculum. This is what I like about it. I love how they use bar diagrams to solve their word problems, something I did not learn myself, but is super helpful. The program uses a mastery teaching style where the student works on one topic until it is mastered before they move onto another. This works very well for some students, but not mine. By the time we start the next chapter, my son forgets what he learned in the first and we have to keep reviewing. We’ve been using another curriculum for our regular math program and I found this program to be more advance in terms of the material/topics that were covered. If I were switching to this program from another, I would make sure to take the placement test. I love that the multiplication and division questions have a grid outline where the student can answer so that the numbers do not get misplaced. I found that a lot of questions don’t have a lot of space provided to answer the question. This can be easily remedied by using scrap paper. The pages look cluttered which makes the page look overcrowded with questions. This makes my son look at the page and feel overwhelmed with all the questions he has to get done. My son likes to have a variety of topics to work on so it can seem repetitive to him to work on one type of question. I had my son work on 4 pages each day of math which for him worked out to an hour of math each day. It could be more or less depending on how much text or space the lesson took up. I liked the visual presentation of the lessons and I love how much the program costs. I also like how there is a great variety of word problems that can also be challenging as well which I think, a lot of other programs lack. Because my son was not used to these I did have to help him a lot. This program is great but for us is best suited as a supplement for our family rather than our regular program. I like how it teaches my son concepts from a different perspective which is why I like to bring it out when he is struggling with a something new in math. Strengths: mm_cover_grade6Aworktext-s
  • cost
  • instant download
  • lesson written to student
  • word problems
  • small amount of writing space
  • small amount of white space
  • can get repetitive
The full set is available for download for $37.50 or each level A or B is $18.75 or you can purchase the CD for $42.50. There is a curriculum for grades 1 to 6. There is also the dark blue series where everything is organized by topics. Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.  

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